day of an interview & a right old waffle!...

It's currently just before 7am, I've been awake for what feels like four hours...more than likely just a little more than two (I remember looking at the clock & it being 4 something)...
Blogging is going back old school, no planning to this post...what so ever! I'm just sat in my pjs, at the dining room table drinking a mug of lemon & ginger tea. Today at 11 I have a job interview. I'm kind of nervous but in the same breathe I'm kind of not. The interview is at the retail store Dorothy Perkins, I'm super excited about it. Since it is a local store for me & my mum we know a few of the people who work there. I actually did my work experience there, when I was in year 10 at school...8 years ago?! Gosh, that makes me feel kind of old right now! So since I already know a good few of them I'm not so scared...but I still kind of am.
Applying for jobs is a completely different thing from getting an interview. You are extremely lucky to get an interview & to be honest in some cases you're lucky to even get a reply from the company. You can apply for as many jobs as you like, you aren't forced to get an interview & then if you get an interview you aren't forced to perform great & then it could all go to pot. I'm not a big fan of interviews at all. So much pressure seems to be on, I feel some people loose out on jobs cos they aren't great at interviews. But you can be great at interviews & shocking at the job itself...what's the saying? you can walk the walk but can you talk the walk? something like that? I have a feeling, that is completely wrong...
I had an interview a few weeks ago, wasn't successful for a second interview. I'm kind of glad about it, I'm not being picky or ungrateful. The job was part time but still involved shifts of 9 hours in length & also required going on training sessions...didn't sound like something that would sit well or suit me. But Dorothy Perkins on the other hand, well that is right up my street...something I do have a passion for.
Don't have a clue where this post is going all! Or what else I even want to write, maybe I'll just hit publish & then look back over this post later & think..."really Anna? did you actually hit publish on that?". I'm going to head off & start getting ready for the day ahead, 11 o'clock will soon be here.
Oh, what the goes! Let's hit that publish button.

p.s. mother nature if you wish to make an appearance hurry the flip up! you are getting on my nerves making me feel all mehhhhh!!! thanks! :) & yes I did really just write that too! Someone hit that publish & sign out button for me...& FAST!!!


  1. Good luck with your interview! Xx

  2. Ooh, good luck! Hope it all goes okay and I'll be keeping all my bits crossed for you :-) xx

    1. thank you very much lovely! :) xxx

  3. Hope the interview went well!
    And your posts that just pop out are my absolute favourite of yours!
    M x

    1. you know the score! :D

      WOOHOOO! expect another one over this weekend :P xxx