Barry M, MATTE NAIL PAINT...what do I think about them?

WOWZASSSS! Where on earth has the past six/seven weeks gone?! They have certainly flown with me having a nail paint to use each week, I'll tell you that much. It only seemed right now that I give you a little (more than likely a lengthy chatty) post on what I thought about them.
left to right : cancun, copa cabana, malibu, miami, rhossili, waikiki. 
On Saturday I headed to my friends new house, she enjoys helping me take my outfit photos (very rare that I share outfit posts on here actually! Only done two so far?) so whilst I was there it was only right that I got some blogging shizz done! Ooooh, could you call me prepared? It is a close call right now! Some things & some days are organised, others not so much...that's life though.
Enough of my waffle, let's get down to business!
What I'm impressed by with the matte nail paints...
100% true to their colour, when you buy any of Barry M's nail paints they are always on point with this. I hate when I buy a nail varnish, put it on my nails & it's nothing like the liquid sat in the bottle. If you hate this happening too, go for Barry M instead...I'm yet for this to happen yet with Barry M. You can honestly take my word for it, I must own around 50 of their nail paints.
♥ They aren't wishy washy, pretty much links in with the top one I guess. The paint for this range was such a bold solid colour, every single one. In the beginning I started getting away with just one coat, but then I decided to go for two towards the end. But one coat would certainly work.
 ♥ Beautiful colours! Just check out the pictures or them in real life in stores & you'll completely agree I'm sure.
Reasonable price, Barry M pricing is never high in my opinion. Always affordable. Certainly great value for their money too.
A variety of colours, none of the colours in this range are similar. They are all individual & equally beautiful. I've adored every single one (even the green one now, it grew on me).
No staining, none of these colours stained my nails at all. Highly impressed.
Peals off, don't quite think this can really class as a reason for you to maybe want to buy these but it does go with the one above. I'm a sucker for pealing off my nail varnish (yes, I probably shouldn't do it but I do) & these peal off like a dream.
Right, now it's time for the things I wasn't impressed by...
Chipping after a few days, I suppose really this isn't such a bad thing is it? But I thought I'd state it anyway. Even though it does chip I still think it still looks a ok a little chipped anyway. One of my favourite sayings is nothing in life is perfect.
Sometimes it comes out too thick, really this could happen with any nail polish really but I thought I'd just state it. It's pretty much a case of trying a few times not to get too much on the brush.
But I mean come on, I've only managed to find two reasons I wasn't impressed & seven reasons I was.
Ok, I'm going to bring this 'little' post to an end...told you, it wouldn't be little! After reading the two things I wasn't impressed by why not have a little giggle at my photo I took with me rocking each nail paint in this collection.
I'm completely normal you know ;)
 Finger nails on the left of the photo are rocking waikiki, rhossili & miami.
Finger nails on the right of the photo are rocking cancun, copa cabana & malibu.
Wanna check out each of the nail paints own blog post? Click on their name & you'll be sent straight to their post! Enjooooyyyyy! :)
Have you made it to the end of this post?! If you're reading this you must of & I'd like to send each & every single one of you a medal...*sends medal*
WOWZAS, I never thought this post would be so long...sorrrryyy!
Do you now own any of the beautiful Barry M matte summer collection paints? I've spoke to a few of the girls who have bought them. Be sure to get in touch & let me know what you think. Or are you lusting over any of them? Let me know that too, I just bloomin' love hearing what you have to say.
I'm starting to bore myself a little now, so as always thanks for reading!
Anna ♥
p.s. as a little heads up Boots had an offer on last time I checked, buy 1 Barry M get the 2nd half're welcome :P


  1. oh look at your little dog in the background! So cute.

    I'm not really a fan of a matte finish but I really like the colours, your nails look fab painted all multi coloured! I'm glad I'm not the only one that loves peeling off nail polish!


    1. he is my friends dog but he is so adorable :)

      oooh fair enough :) & you really aren't! xx