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I'm certain that Matalan will be the reason behind me having zero money left. But let's be honest, on the other hand Matalan doesn't cost the earth but still manages to produce some pretty good quality products too...HOOORAYYY FOR MATALAN!
Firstly, this isn't a bragging kind of post. I often fear people will think that's what it is, but it really isn't. This is just my way of sharing my latest finds/loves with you. It's always good to see what stores have in & I can say without a doubt that Matalans Autumn stock is on point! Plus, I'm an absolute sucker for shopping.
As soon as my 25% off voucher came through the letterbox I knew a trip was in order. That morning when getting ready I'd actually discovered all my plain long sleeve tops were that tight stretchy material, I'm not a huge fan anymore. But Matalans long sleeve tops are another matter. I've got a few long sleeve stripy tops of theirs & I bloomin' love them! Super comfy, nicely fitting & an absolute bargain too.
Yes, I did buy two of them...a white one & a grey one but I haven't photographed them cos I mean really, are plain long sleeved tops really that exciting & warrant a photo? I didn't really think so.
When I visited Matalan the time before this trip I picked up one of their new cable knit jumpers, I played it safe & went for a cream one. I'm quite giddy that the Autumn months are coming around. I love nothing more than wearing cosy knit jumpers, knitted hats, scarves, leggings...everything Autumn!
oooh, who recognises these nails too?!
(rocking my new jumper & the dark circle look...not giving a s**t about the dark circles, nobody is perfect!)
I absolutely LOVE the fit of this jumper. The sizing is small, medium, large & extra large. I'm wearing a small & loving it so much I wish it was acceptable to wear it all the time. Unfortunately it would eventually get smelly & be pretty gross. This jumper in cream was my guinea pig item so to speak, I really loved a few of the other colours too but I thought I'd just get one first.
You know how this story goes though right? 25% off comes through the door, trip to store...another jumper purchased. This time in yellow, yellow is one of my favourite colours but I don't tend to wear much yellow. Admittedly aswell I was in two minds about it but within a few days it had grown on me & now I've taken a real shining to it.
got to have a little bit of cuteness on the blog too! 
I didn't realise my little friend was in this photo too but I just had to include it!

Autumn months are coming around fast & it wouldn't be right without a lovely big scarf!

Admittedly I don't own a scarf quite like this but once I spotted it I kinda fell in love with it, just a teeny bit! It gives off such a warm autumny kind of vibe. I'm not the biggest of people & the scarf does make me look even smaller. The scarf is pretty know cos whenever you're out and about & in need of something to protect your bum getting dirty, look no further...

It's so bloomin' big, but obviously so bloomin' cosy at the same time too. I really love the colours, they really do bring a feel of autumn into my wardrobe life.

One more thing, I picked up some leggings. I absolutely love their leggings, mainly the patterned ones to be honest. They are seriously cosy, soft, fit like a glove & completely reasonably priced.

Here are the links to the items I purchased...

long sleeved tshirts

cable knit jumpers

Should I pretend I didn't go to Matalan again last night? No, let's not pretend...we're all friends around here. I have a job interview this week so I picked up a new bag (none of mine are smart) & another lovely scarf incase it's cool. I'm thinking of sharing that in a separate post, what I wore for my interview.

What do you think?

Have you been shopping recently? What are your latest finds?

As always, thanks for reading.

Anna ♥

p.s. *whispers* Matalan still have 20% off online & instore if you have a voucher (I can totally share it with you, or you could head on over to their twitter page? Your choice) :)


  1. Love that white jumper! It looks great on you! The leggings are lovely too :) Just recently discovered your blog and I love it! x

  2. Anna, I'm trying to behave and save money and you're tempting me too much to go shopping !! I've actually had a look online and pleased to find matalan have a petite section how TEMPTING!! grrr lol The yellow really suits you - cute scarf too - I've seen a similar big one for primark I want ! My fav thing about this post is the photo with the cute little doggie hiding behind your legs :) its such a lovely photo. Love the post - and looking forward to your interview outfit post ;P xxx Good luck again!! xxx

    Jamie xox Reaping Beauty

    1. uh bad :P hehe!

      I'm meant to be saving too..always tomorrow I guess? ;) no, I'm seriously gonna start saving!

      They've recently created the petite section, how fab! :)

      Another blogger has told me about the primark one too :) I'm going off primark to be honest :/ uh oh!

      I genuinely didn't realise he was there, so I just had to throw it in cos it's so cute! :)

      thank you, thank you Jamie :) xxxx

  3. Oooh the scarf!! LOVE the scarf and your little friend, he's pretty amazing too!
    You should wear more yellow too, it's lovely on you.
    M x

    1. thank you Michelle! & thank you again :) XX

  4. Love the scarf! very cute and Autumnal as you said :) xxx

  5. Love the scarf, so much that I've just popped over to Matalan's website and bought one (or one similar) online! Really like the leggings too although I can't pull them off at all (and certainly not at the moment with my right leg in plaster!) :-) xx

    1. thanks! :) eeek, I'm sure you wont be disappointed! ooh damn! xxx

  6. Replies
    1. It's cream & it is super cosy! :) xxx