life behind the wheel...'what i love about driving'

It is no lie when I say I absolutely love driving, I actually really do enjoy it. Sometimes  it can be stressful but all you can do then is stay calm & learn from the stressful times. Since I've already covered what I hate about driving, it's only right that I now cover what I love about driving, am I right?

*beep beep*... reasons coming through, make way...slightly cheesy? I just couldn't resist!
Let's get this show on the road! (driving reference....opppss! it's turning into a slight cheese fest!)
What I love about driving
Without a doubt, freedom has to be the thing I love the most about driving. No more relying on somebody to give you a lift, no more waiting around for buses. You are now able to go wherever you want, whenever you want (unless you car share, but car sharing has its perks too!).
I've gained so much independence since I've been driving. I've grown so much as a person. If anything sometimes I feel better going out & doing things on my own. Even if that's going to a big town, I know I can now get home safely, at my own pace.
Grown up points?...
Come on, who else feels they get taken more serious now as a person now they can drive? Ok, this isn't really a genuine all to be fair!
Polite people...
I really love when you let a driver through & they put their hand up to say thanks. If they don't it really pees me off & sometimes makes me talk to myself..."you're welcome". Also polite people who let you out when it isn't your right of way but they are just being polite & helpful.
**A little story for you, this week I came across a really polite driver. I'll set the scene a little, I was waiting to pull onto a main road, I needed to cut across one side to go the way home I was going. The road was packed,  the cars were going filtering past but the cars were still appearing like out of nowhere. Next thing a big van is at the side of me, half across the road with his indicator on turning the way I was going. I'm just sat there thinking "what the hell is this driver doing?!". Until I looked at the driver & he was telling me to come out. He'd really kindly blocked the road & was letting me out, how kind is it! I'm assuming that was what he was doing?. I've never come across anything like that. So I got out ok, after lots of apologising & he was behind me, up until the traffic lights when he was in the next lane to me. He looked out of his window again to say it was ok & I apologised again cos I felt such a dofus! He said it was ok again so that was all good, until the lights changed...I was too busy apologising & forgot to get into the right gear, what happened next? You've got it...I stalled... 'little' story is over now!** ...note to you in the future, I'm not a short story teller!
The distraction...
I love just driving along, because for that short or long space of time I don't really have time to think of anything other than driving. I go to places I'd usually say no to cos my mind would be on overdrive all the way there, but now I can drive myself I manage it ok. I have little time to think because driving is a full on distraction. No time for slacking or loosing concentration, that is when accidents can happen.
I'm just going to leave it at five reasons for this time round, I'll without a doubt be doing a part two of this. I'm certain that I'm doing a part two of what I hate about driving...this list is growing in my head daily!
Do you love driving or do you hate driving? Maybe you even have a love hate kind of relationship with driving. Let me know? I'd love to know what you think about it all!
As always, thanks for reading.
Anna ♥
 p.s. I've got a few posts up my sleeve at the minute...*ssssshhhhh*...they might be a nail varnish review, a book review, latest purchases post & a new little tag/series...ok, ok...they totally are all of those things! Keep your little eyes pealed! :) 


  1. Hey Anna,
    it's so nice to know driving has had such a positive effect on your life :) I've come to the conclusion I have to just rely on Dave to drive me if at all - or public transport, as it isn't so good for my ankles and back driving but I don't mind being driven about lol, and Dave loves driving like you do to! Looking forward to your next few posts :)
    Jamie xox

    1. Heyy Jamie :) such an unbelieveable you wouldn't believe! so much of a change. awww, atleast Dave loves you love Dave driving though? I hope so :)
      they'll be up soon...I've wrote the matte review one, gonna reread & post it in the morning :) xxx

  2. Although my anxiety means I spent a lot of time hating the idea of driving, I definitely agree with some of the points on your list - particularly the distraction part. I like the way it consumes your mind. Everything that was making me anxious tends to shrink back into perspective by the time I get to my destination :) - Gilly -

    1. yes, it certainly does consume your mind...without a doubt! yes, can relate to you there too :) xxx