Barry M - matte/matt nail paint, waikiki

It's the last nail paint in the matt summer collection & it has also taken me up until this point to realise it isn't spelt matt (the bottle is sat next to my laptop staring up at me!) is spelt matte, nice one Anna! You clearly know your stuff! Feeling like an absolute nelly since the whole collection I've named matt! Anyway, let's get on with it!
The last nail paint in the matte or matt (call it whichever you like, I clearly have been) summer collection is...
I've quite enjoyed snapping these nail paints in different locations & as soon as Waikiki week came around I knew full well where I was going to head. This green is such a full on nature green, does that even make sense? A start of autumn kind of green? I'm not too sure if I'm making any sense what so ever but just go with it people...pleaseeeee? :)
I mean come on, you tell me you don't think it's the kind of colour you'd find in the woods. You'll start to agree with me when you see a few more pictures, I'm sure.
Two photos in & I've not even shown the colour on my nails...
At first when I painted my nails I wasn't 100% sure about the colour...I mean green isn't really something that I usually go for to be honest, but when it's part of a packet you just go with it. So I went for it & I felt on it's own it was a little bit too much for me. What do you do if a nail colour is too much? You add a little bit of nail art on, who's with me? :)
We all know our left hand turns out a lot better than our right hand when it comes to doing any form of nail art. So... on my left hand (on the right of the photo) I've decided to create some lovely little daisies & then on my right hand (on the left of the photo) I've decided to create some lovely scrambled eggs.
 Waikiki is without a doubt a colour you'll be able to rock through the months of autumn.
Well, I didn't do too bad to narrow the photos down. Anyone else find they take a massive amount of photos for a blog post? I took 62 for this one, yes you read that right...sixty two photos! I'm quite impressed with myself that I managed to narrow it down.
Ok, so there we have the last colour in the matte/matt collection. I'm going to 'review' the collection as a whole soon. Then we'll be over on to the gelly summer collection (well aware the summer month is slowly going but they'll still be available to buy).
Do you have a favourite in the collection or maybe you have an all time favourite Barry M? Let me know, I loovvveee hearing from you!
As always, thanks for reading.
Anna ♥


  1. oh yes i like this one!havent seen a nail polish this colour before!

    1. it is a lovely colour, at first I was in shock now I'm getting used to it :) xxx

  2. This manicure is so cute! Can we have a day of painting nails when we finally meet? ;) and taking cute nail polish nature photos? Gorgeous! :)

    1. thanks Sarah :) HELL YEAHHH! of course we can :) xxxx