blogging out my thoughts...on my (work) life right now

When I first started blogging almost two years ago, I had zero readers, zero followers, zero comments...I got no reaction, no responses...I didn't put my blog out there to anyone. I just used it as my space to vent, get out whatever was in my head. I know a few people struggle to be so open & honest on their blogs, but I really don't. For me there is no other way of blogging, I started blogging to express myself & I can honestly say I still do that to this day. This is just going to be a random rambly waffle on kind of post. If you don't want to read it, then don't...simple as that really :) If you do want to read it, go ahead. :)
I'm 22, living at home with my parents, no sign of any future relationships, no interest in even starting any relationships actually. I've just got a new job, a 4 hour contract. I'm not ungrateful for this, I just don't feel like it is enough. I'd debate if I was ready for this or if I could even cope but 4 hours a week really isn't enough. 16 hours is part time...4 hours is a quarter of that, to me it just seems a little bit mehhh :/ I don't have a clue what to do, when I'm there I really do enjoy it. When I'm not there I'm not a huge fan :/ maybe I've not given it enough of a chance? But 4 hours? Maybe I need to look into something a little more...consistent? (is that the right word to use?). I had more hours to work with my parents. I wanted a different job from working with my parents, living with family & working with family can be an awful lot to escape as such. But I also need to be able to fund for myself. I've just worked out how much I'll earn in a standard week of 4 hours, £26...
Do I push myself out there even more & hope for something else to come along? I really don't think I'll be able to cope with the rush of Christmas shoppers. I genuinely have no idea what to do.
End of ramble post, nothing else to ramble on about right now so I'll leave it at that.
If you have any words of wisdom or anything to say, please send your words my way, thanks! :)


  1. I think that if you like the job you have (even if its only four hours) I would keep it for the time being and use it to build your confidence in the workplace as well as with dealing with unknown people and situations. It might also be an idea to keep a look out for other similar jobs with more hours and keep applying for them at the same time. Maybe you'll be able to get more hours where you work sometime too. When it all comes down to it though, it's up to what makes you happy and feeling good about yourself. And hey, at least you have a job! Even if it's only four hours and a few quid a week. It's better than nothing!
    Debi x