Sunday sharing...Barry M, glitterati 'fashion icon'

Ok, so maybe Sunday sharing will become more than a one off kind of post. I'm here again to ramble on...oh yeah! I'm going to share with you my love for Barry M's latest collection glitterati nail paint, today it's only going to be fashion icon since that is what I'm currently wearing & absolutely loving! Every time I look down at my nails I feel all happy inside. I was really well behaved & only bought one (read I totally didn't just behave & buy one, I bought the whole collection!)...
Since I've just started a new job in retail I was drew in by this one so yes, the rest is history! Now to share it...
Anything with sparkle makes life so much more happier, well I like to think so anyway. So when I saw the glitterati collection I just had to pick up one to try the whole collection, of have an offer on, just as a heads up! Who doesn't love an offer.
I'm no nail artist or pro in anyway, so please excuse the state of my painting! I'm pretty sure the glitterati paints are meant to go on top of a coloured base so I chose the classic paint, called Bright Purple.
In a way I feel like the photos make it look like the glitterati is more blue than purple but I think it is more purple, well it is as I'm typing this but get it in another light it looks blue. Nails with two different tones, we are on to a winner! :)
I absolutely LOVE it! I'm not usually a fan of purple nails but purple nails with glitter, I'm up for that!
Nothing else to share now, just wanted to share my love for this new paint with you...job done!
I'll be back shortly to create a post that will hopefully give someone hope & be proof that things can get better, they will get better. ♥


  1. Honestly never seen anything so beautiful haha. I'm definitely buying it the next time I'm in Boots :D x

    1. Sinead it is stunning, I love it!!! I'm wearing cat walk now, equally as nice!!! :D xxx