what I wore...to an 'interview' + I'm still in shock!!!

Still can't believe I actually have a job now, it all feels a little more real now since yesterday I had my induction...watching various dvds on health and safety, customers with disabilities & fire...answering questions in work booklets too. It's so crazy actually being back in the exact place I did my work experience eight years ago...EIGHT FLIPPIN' YEARS!!! Other than a few changes in staff nothing has changed at all, I have a very good feeling that I'm going to love it! (currently got the song from Annie going round in my head, you know when she gets adopted...can't get the lyrics right though so I wont attempt to sing it). What I'm not loving so much is the fact of it is a 4 hour contract, does that mean I'll only be working 4 hours every week?
After four years of being unsuccessful & struggling with my health, it still feels weird that someone other than my parents are allowing me to work for them. I'm going to feel like such a part of the team (well I hope I am anyway)! My contract is only 4 hours, but atleast I have my foot in the door. We can only hope it will increase but in the meantime I'll just ease myself in gradually.
Finding time to sit & blog seems to be a little bit of trouble at the minute, but tonight I'm going to throw together (I mean throw together in the nicest way possible!) an outfit post. I'm going to share with you what I wore for my 'interview' that wasn't really an interview more like a casual chat in the end.
Up until the Sunday before I didn't own a black dress, not a single one...I'm not even kidding you neither. So on the Sunday me & Tilly (my car) tootled off on our way on the hunt for a simple black dress. It wasn't as simple as I thought it would be! My mum was trying to get me to wear trousers for the interview, I went along with it but I ended up returning them beforehand because I'm just not a trouser wearer...at all! I think I've maybe worn them three or four times max since I've left school. Anyway, black dress mission....complete!
I managed to get 3 dresses, 2 black & 1 grey flecked kind of dress! The dress I wore on the day was from Asda & was an absolute bargain & is gorgeous too! Want to see it online? Let me have a look...I've found it...G21 Lace Sleeve Dress
Oooh, we've gone far too long without any pictures...I'll get adding them now!
The dress is kind of smock fitting, which can work really well but sometimes can make me look very frumpy (well feel it anyway) so I decided to just add one of my little tan belts to add some shape.
I wasn't planning on wearing a coat or thing to cover my arms at all so I decided to throw a scarf on. This scarf is a recent purchase from Matalan. It really brightened my outfit up a little (yes it is possible for grey to brighten up an outfit)!
I absolutely love the lace sleeves! Here, check them out for yourself...they really do make the dress simple yet stylish.
I wore my dress with a pair of black tights, I think they were my 100 denier tights from Matalan...I bloomin' love that place! I actually based my outfit around my boots.
I was thinking about creating a post separate for the boots themselves but I don't really think I will...totally just wrote that but I'm now thinking of ways I'll put the post together so maybe that will be created!
 In the meantime I'll just add a little sneaky peak of them in here but not mention where they are from or nothing...my lips are sealed! ;)
I don't think I've fallen in love with a pair of shoes as much as I have with these & my other new Chelsea boots!
Of course for an interview you need to have a smart looking handbag...until a few days before I didn't own one but I went for this one from Matalan.
The bag is available in both this colour & a grey. It can be found online here & is on offer at the minute. I'm pretty sure it is available in black too. The only thing I don't like about it is when I have it over my shoulder (my right one..do left handed people put theirs over their left shoulder? :/ mmmm, let me know?!) the zip isn't at the front next to me so it is an absolute cow to pop things in & out when I'm out & about. The sizing is great though.
I wore no jewellery other than a watch. Watches are in the jewellery section but are they classed as jewellery? Hmmm, I seem to have a few questions tonight.
Once I'd snapped these few photos I head out the door & to the 'interview'. I went to see my friend afterwards & she snapped this photo for me.
I love it!
If I had to caption it, it would more than likely be 'jumping for joy'!
Ok, I think I've done enough chitty chatting in this post. I'm going to head off to paint my nails. Watch this space, I may share my opinion with you on a few of Barry M's new releases.
If you are still here, thanks for reading!


  1. lovely outfit! those boots are fab ><

    1. thanks :) the boots, oooh my! <3 xxx

  2. So pleased for you! Love the outfit! x


  3. Yay and double yay for your new job! Love the outfit too (and the picture!) - Matalan and Asda do some really good stuff and those boots are fab! :-) xx

    1. YYYAYYY! :D thanks :) separate post on the boots to come! :) xxx