Sunday sharing...ed sheeran album, x deluxe edition & another achievement?!

The weekend wouldn't be complete without me sharing something with you today, I've only just created this series but in the same breathe it feels like I've done it for ages...slightly weird? :/ mmm, anyway...
I'm only sharing one thing with you today, well one item...I'm also sharing an achievement with you too.
An album I've been loving for the past few months, well since it came out really...don't remember when it was released but I don't regret buying this album at all!
 ED SHEERAN X DELUXE EDITION , this is without a doubt my driving soundtrack right now. Ed Sheeran is such an incredibly talented artist. I have a lot of love for him & his music, come to think of it though now...I'm not sure if I follow him on twitter, shock horror?!
There is without a doubt a fair few songs on this album for you to look out for. I just love Ed's voice & how his songs are so relatable & genuine too. Have you heard his latest single? 'thinking out loud'...the video is beautiful, I'm going to add the youtube video in for it so you can have a little listen (just incase you haven't heard of ed or this song...where have you been hiding?!)
Next part of this post, I've achieved something else this week! Back in June or July, I can't remember which month now I had attempted to attend a bloggers meet up. I managed to drive all the way to the town it was being held in, turned into a side road cos I was beginning to panic & just burst into tears...that trip ended quickly as I turned back round & came straight back home. But yesterday afternoon I was going to go to the same town with my godmum & I decided it would be a good idea for me to try again...cut a story short, I bloomin' well did it! All the way there, through the town, into the car park & all the way home! Ooooh yessss! I'm so proud of myself for doing it.
I'm also really proud of myself for managing to shop a little too, even though I did start having a panic attack in h&m. I stayed with it & it eventually eased. My thought pattern is certainly improving because as soon as I used to panic my automatic response was 'I need to get home now'. But not nomore, that wasn't my response yesterday & it wasn't my response at work on Thursday neither.
Things are improving guys, it's fantastic! I'm so pleased.


  1. I love Ed Sheeran too and his album has really impressed me. I also suffer from panic attacks and am extremely proud of you. I've recently written a blog post on how to deal with panic attacks if you want to check that out on:

    Nessie here . .uk xx

    1. :) he is incredible! & aww thank you :)

      I sure will :) xxx

  2. I'm so proud. You have come so far with overcoming your anxiety and it'll only ever get better :) xxxx

    1. <3 *hugs* love ya Sarah!!! xxxx

  3. Eds album is the perfect album for long distance journeys, especially at night :) I love looking at the stars while listening to it. I love 'one' :) Well done on your long drive. I still am afraid to get lessons. I fear I may mot be as brave as you are Anna. Its great to hear how far you're coming along :)
    Kayla xx

    1. perfect for long distance, perfect for short distance...perfect all around? :P

      you're comment has triggered inspiration inside me, so watch this space! <3 xxxx