Glitterati by Barry M ♥

Have any of you picked up any of the latest nail paint collection, 'Glitterati' by Barry M? It is absolutely top secret no secret that I love nail varnish, hence why I only actually blog about nail varnish (make up wise obviously). I'm clearly not the next top beauty blogger in the making! :P

I'm almost certain by the end of this post, you'll be wanting atleast one of the colours...if not all six! (Sorry to your purses girls!) I'm going to share with you samples of what the nail paints look like alone & what they look like with another one of Barry Ms nail paints as the base.
left to right - Catwalk Queen, Fashion Icon, Rockstar, Socialite, Starlet, VIP.

 Wouldn't it be lovely if you could just paint one coat & your nails looks exactly like the liquid in the bottle. Unfortunately that isn't the case, but don't can be achieved. I'm going to show you how by using my other nail paints in the Barry M collection (no, not sponsored or anything...just slightly addicted).
I've recently order a few nail art wheels, pretty cheap on Amazon for those of you looking for them (thanks Jamie for the heads up!). On to the collection & creating the looks...
Catwalk Queen
Gelly Hi-shine, Greenberry
 Fashion Icon
Gelly Hi-shine, Damson
Gelly Hi-shine, Watermelon

Gelly Hi-shine, Pink Punch 

Bright Purple

Matte, Malibu
Usually when I'm creating & sharing nail varnishes on here, I tend to take photos of the colours actually on my nails. This post is going to be a little different though, no hands or nails are involved in the making of this post! Ok, well hands are do you think I'm typing this? ;)
Honestly, the colours of the Glitterati can be made to be the same as the liquid in the bottle (yeahhh...I'm mentioning that again! I really love Barry M for that!). Of course you don't have to use the exact same polishes I've used, try some of a similar shade or even a completely different colour you think will work. To create the same effect as what is in the bottle I just did two coats of the base (coloured paint) & then just one thick coat of the Glitterati. :)
I'm an absolute sucker for nail varnish that glitters & shimmers, if you are too then you'll really love Glitterati I'm sure! Barry M, you've done goooooooodddd!!!
I absolutely love this collection (have I said that already?!). Barry M is genuinely my all time favourite brand (no, I'm not being sponsored by Barry M, even though if I was for nail paints I'd save a fortune ;) I'm going to keep my eyes open for their competitions!)...I dart start to it whenever I'm in Boots or Superdrug. It's got to the point now though where the ladies in my local boots now how much & how often I'm buying nail varnish.....ooopppsssssiieeeee! ;)
I decided to try something a little different with this post, I adjusted the photo sizing to almost fit the post...I didn't want them all too big, hence why some are a little smaller. I don't have a big, big girl camera neither so the quality could be better but still, I think I've done a pretty good job! I really enjoyed myself & that is what is important. :)
Have you treated yourself to any of the Glitterati nail paints?! Let me know if you have, which one is your favourite? Also have you tried any of Barry M's other new ranges? I've bought a few of the limited edition ones lately, I mean...come on, who can resist. Plus Boots points have to be spent on yourself, right?
p.s. this blog post creating (the chalk photo at the start) ended with the street I live on getting drawn a few of the kids who live on our street. I mean try explaining to them what you are actually doing! My best explanation was 'I'm just being weird & creative'...I would much rather be weird & creative than 'normal'.
ooooh & also, if there happens to be any tiny mistakes during this post please excuse me. :) I'm currently wrapped up in my duvet with two extra blankets, yes that would be a duvet & two extra blankets! Feeling a little bit sorry for myself, cuddle anyone? I promise not to let my leaking tap of a nose get on you, honest! :)


  1. I really, really, REALLY want to get my hands on these. I don't think these fit into my weekly budget though, trying to make my student loan last is hard with all these new releases! :( xxxx

    1. do you have a boots advantage card?! check your points!!! :) I can imagine it's tricky :( *hugs* xxxx

  2. I seen these in boots the other, I couldn't decide which colour to get so I didn't get any :( haha x

    1. :O I'm not surprised actually haha...they are all so pretty! :) xxxx