monthly movie - sex tape

*rewinds time a couple of weeks back* yes, yes...we are still in September!
Ok, you've got me...we aren't but let's pretend we are?
The last time I went to the cinema was at the end of August when I watched what if...that feels like such a long time ago now though! So much has happened since then, it's crazzyyyyy!

This time last week (I started writing this last's now Monday, oooppss!) I went to the cinema again...shocking news to add in here, I didn't go on my own! :O I went with my lovely friend Rachel. A little story for you now...we had wanted to go watch sex tape since the day it was released (it wasn't long after what if, if I remember rightly) but we managed to go & watch it the day before it was no longer showing at the cinema near to us. We had the choice of 4:45 or 9:15, Rachel has a husband & kids so we opted for the 9:15 showing...even though it was very close to our bedtimes haha. Orange Wednesday is always the way forward at the cinema so we decided one of us would pay for snacks & drinks, the other for the tickets. Rachel paid for the snacks & drinks first then I paid the tickets...expect the cinema had to cancel that screening....gutted, wasn't the word! So we decided to go for another film, what we did on our holiday...or something along those lines. On our way to the screen the film was being showed in a lot of people were coming out of a screen (the screen where sex tape was meant to be, but had been cancelled cos of a live show...the live show had actually finished before sex tape was meant to show). We went into the screen where the film (the holiday one) was 5 or 10 minutes in & to be honest we just wasn't really feeling the film at all. It had a more tv programme vibe to it than a movie vibe so I disappeared 'to the toilet', I didn't go to the toilet at all...I went to the main part of the cinema where you pay & get food & drink from, to see if there was any chance they could give us some kind of offer for the next day (the last day they were showing sex tape), the lovely lady phoned up the main man/woman of the cinema & explained the situation. The last words that came out of her month were...'screen 4, 5 minutes...there going to put it on for you'...well I seriously couldn't thank them enough & I couldn't run quick enough to tell Rachel neither! We both hurried along into screen 4 & got comfy ready for the film to start! WOW, sorry...that really wasn't a little story!

Have you seen the trailer for sex tape?
No, no, you haven't?! STOP RIGHT THERE!!!

Have you watched the trailer?
you may continue now...

I'd been told that this film had got bad reviews but I didn't let that stop me watching it, you can't really let that stop you cos everybodys taste in movies is different. But in my opinion...

Sex tape is one of those films where you are sat watching it & when it ends you don't realise you've been sat there for like an hour and a half. I loved the whole story being based around 'the cloud' (iCloud)..."nobody understands the cloud, it's a f**king mystery!". Absolutely hilarious!

Would I recommend the film to you? Yes, yes I would! If you want to watch a comedy this one is a must see.

Have you seen any new films recently?

I'm wanting/hoping to go & see gone girl, I'm still reading the book...three weeks down the line? :/ I'm not a fast reader!


  1. oh wow that was so nice of them to sort that of you. I plan to see that film when it's out on DVD . I have to really want to see something if I go to the cinema. I think it's just pure laziness to be honest!


    1. haha, I'm sure you'll enjoy it :) xx

  2. Heyyyyyyyy Anna :)
    Awesome that they sorted that out for you, I bet you felt special didn't ya :P
    Just shows that if you just ask, you never know what could happen. What's the worst? They could say no?
    So glad you had a good time, I haven't been to the cinema in ages, makes a nice change :)
    Lots of Love
    Jamie xox

    1. Jammmiiieeeeeee!! :)

      got to admit I did feel a little bit special :P

      exactly, no is always the worse that could happen right? :)

      it really does :) but this weather makes it nice to watch a film at home too :)

      love to you & Dave! <3 xxxx