goodbye Sunday sharing, it's not's me

If you're new around here you might not know about Sunday sharing. Sunday sharing is basically a post I do every Sunday, which includes me sharing something I'm enjoying/ I've enjoyed. But I've come to the conclusion that myself & weekly blog series don't last. Every week for me is a little different & sometimes I just don't have time on a Sunday to create a post, so I'll usually create the post during the week & then share it on Sunday. I don't want to be blogging like that, don't get me wrong I'm not slating anyone who does blog like that, we all have our own ways. But for me, blogging is being in the moment...creating the post & hitting publish almost straight away (after rereading for spelling mistakes a few times).
I'm still going to be creating posts (of course!) but they will probably just be more random & during the week...that suits me just fine! :)
I'm still keeping my monthly series, monthly movie. I'm currently trying to finish reading Gone Girl as quick as I can since I'm going to the cinema on Wednesday to watch it, slightly scared about it since the rating is 18...I don't even know if I've ever watched an 18, nevermind an 18 on the big screen. I'll without a doubt be getting asked for ID, if I don't I'll be pretty gutted.

Not a huge fan of leaving blog posts without pictures, but since I don't have one today I'll add in the Gone Girl trailer. Have you been to see it, have you read the book or maybe both?


Let me know & wish me luck? I don't really do these kind of films but it's good to try something different every now & then.

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