songs that make me happy..inspired by Sinead (Dreaming Again)

Oooh, what a better day to post this than on a day when it is so miserable outside. So if you need a little bit of a pick me up, you have come to the right place. Turn the volume up & enjoy! :)

This post idea literally popped into my head whilst I was answering some questions for Sinead (Dreaming Again). She is creating like a mini series of blog interviews for her fellow bloggers, how exciting! :)

One of the questions was "what song makes you happy when you hear it?". In typical fashion I thought I can't just pick one song (I did eventually pick just one), I had a good few swimming around my head so I thought "oooohhhh, I know I'll create a post about songs that make me happy". Thanks for the idea Sinead :) The song I decided on was....

The Vamps - Can We Dance

But I thought I'd make a little post (probably turn out MASSIVE & waffley, you know me) & include some others with their youtube videos. So sit back & enjoy! :)

Taylor Swift - We Are Never Getting Back Together
It's all about girl power right?! & telling your ex straight that you are never, ever getting back together!

Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe
We all love a good catchy song, am I right?

Luke Britnell - Think Positive
Loved Luke's original song since he performed it on the x factor, check it out & maybe his other youtube videos? :)

The Mend - Where Were You?
Remember The Mend? Ohhh yes, they were on Britains Got Talent...yesss, they were also the wild card act & then they went on to support Little Mix, incredible! Anyways check out their first single & watch this space for more :)

Little Mix - Move
Admittedly I do love all of Little Mix's album but this one is just so upbeat!

One Direction - Best Song Ever
Finishing off the post in great style, it's only the biggest boy band on the flippin planet right now...One Direction! Try listen to this & tell me within a couple of hours you aren't singing it back to yourself....go on, give it a go :)

What songs make you happy? Any of the above, throw some my way :)

I'm now thinking of creating an oldies version since these songs are all recent & current. Look back over childhood songs!

Thanks for reading.

- Anna ♥

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