Very Inspiring Blogger Award...nominated by Nichole (upbeat uplifts)

Hello there you, beautiful that a song?! *searches mind* hmmm, I don't know...

The last time I uploaded was Monday, which was my first ever 'fashion' post...which I did get pretty great feedback from so thank you very much. I really actually quite enjoyed putting it all together. But since Monday I've posted nothing so I do feel like such a terrible blogger, especially to say last week I created a list of future posts. The list contained FOURTEEN post ideas, yes you read that right! I'm amazed at myself & the list is still on going! But I'm not going to beat myself up about not blogging since Monday, I've already threw the regular 'blogging routine' out the window. Blogging certainly has become a hobby of mine, I love nothing more actually than sitting down infront of my laptop & waffling on & on & on & on....
So I just felt the need right now to sit down & blog. I've checked in with my list & have chosen to take part in an award post...drum roll please?! the very inspiring blogger award , the really super sweet Nichole over at upbeat uplifts has ever so kindly nominated me so a massive thank you to you Nichole!
The rules are as followed...
1. link the person who nominated you, check!
2. list rules & display the award, check!
3. share 7 things/facts about you, almost!
4. nominate 7 3 bloggers who inspire you..
5. let them know you have nominated them..
Ok here goes then,
7 things/facts about me
1. I have never been on a plane.
2. I kind of weirdly actually want braces.
3. Since blogging I feel like I've grown as a person.
4. I will always try to look on the positive side of things.
5. Passing my driving test was one of the best things I've ever done.
6. I'm not a big fan of McDonalds.
7. I'm a sucker for nail polish.
7 3 bloggers who inspire me
(there wasn't anywhere in the rules that stated I couldn't reaward it :) ) without a doubt, I absolutely love Nichole's positive vibe & her personality really shines through on her blog. Nichole recently graduated too so pop on over & send her congratulations that a real kind of wish? I don't know, but go on over there & be nice...nobody likes a meany! :)
I'm sure Michelle is some kind of super human...or so she very much comes across! She has a family home to run, including herself, her husband (C), her two step daughters (K & R) then her two little pups (Pete & Betty) surely you know Pete & Betty...if you don't, I suggest you get a wiggle on over to Michelle's blog & check out the cuteness! you won't regret it! so not only does she have the family home but she also works (currently done a whole new career change too!) & still manages to find loads of time to blog, question, what is your secret?! & admittedly Michelle is also hilarious in pretty much every flippin post she writes!
Amy's identity is still completely unknown to me & her other readers, which slightly scares me but doesn't mean I can't relate to her. Amy blogs mainly about her struggles with anxiety. I know for a fact that blogging & being so open about my struggles has without a doubt helped me to accept who I am today & still live my life. I really hope Amy receives the same response from blogging & grows as a person. If you struggle with anxiety or maybe a loved one does & you want to educate yourself head on over to Amy's blog. She isn't a professional but I think sometimes the best kind of blogs/posts are from ordinary people like you & me, who happen to be dealing with a situation.
Okay, so is life about breaking the rules...sometimes it's okay surely? I don't have 7 bloggers who I can honestly say inspire me so I'm just keeping it as these 3. Breaking the rules must be better than being fake surely?
I'd really love to see your responses even though I know that obviously Nichole has already taken part & so has Michelle...actually come to think of it, I'm pretty sure Amy has too & rightly so too! :) Girls, if you don't want to respond please don't, that is completely fine...cos it would more than likely be a waste of your precious time but I just want you all to know, you inspire me! So please keep doing what you do & being you! :) 
As always, thanks for reading & I really hope I haven't upset anyone :/ I hope we are all well & enjoy your Saturday night whatever you may be doing! :) I'm going to go cook us (my family, not me & you...sorry about that :) ) a scrummy chicken delight meal, if it turns out good I will be sharing the link with you!
- Anna ♥


  1. Aww thank you Anna. I think you're incredibly inspirational too, you're just so honest and open and it's such a joy to get to know you though this here blog, your lovely sweet self shines through every post! Huge hugs
    M xxx
    And my secret? A Hermione style Time Turner of course!

    1. awwwwww Michelle, you are so lovely! :) *MASSIVE HUGS* :)

      & a what?!?!?!?! xxx

  2. Loved this! Loved the responses! You are so welcome! I love your blog :) thank you for the nomination back and I will try to do it if I can in some extra free time. I just SO appreciate your kind words about my blog and myself<3 like you said at the end to us (which I loved) keep being you too!:))

    1. thank you Nichole! :) awww..I will keep on being me, don't you worry about it :) xxx