As you can tell from the title I'm pretty excited, especially since I thought it was last week. Do America do things different to us? Is that a really dumb question? I'm not sure but I do know one thing! It is mental health awareness week this week & the main focus is anxiety...well I just had to join in & raise as much awareness as I possibly could!
Anxiety is the reason I started this little blog of mine. It was a place to escape my mind, put pen to paper, put hands to keys & type away. Feel free to browse through my old posts if you like, I don't mind :)
I've decided I'm going to give it my best shot to post one post per day for this entire week regarding anxiety, I'm thinking tomorrow will be...what anxiety is like for me.
Are you taking part in helping raise awareness? Please do, you can raise awareness in any way. Start off a conversation with a loved one, send a text, send an email, meet up with a friend, send a tweet, retweet a tweet, share your story...absolutely whatever you like! I could go on forever & list ideas but I wont cos I'm sure you lovely bunch will find a way.
I'd like to thank Amy for creating this post which then lead me to this post. < click this one to find out more about the week.
One thing we can do to help raise awareness & break the stigma is definitely speaking more about mental health. So if you are affected by anything mental health related, I'd love it if you left me a comment below so we can all become friends & be supportive?! Oooh & if you blog too, be sure to leave your link...thank you!
Thanks for reading & I hope you pop by again over the week to see what else I have in store, other than tomorrow I've got no idea what I'm gonna blog about. Ooh, so it'll be a surprise for us all! :)
- Anna ♥


  1. I'm excited to read (and see) whatever it is you decide to do this week! Tomorrow's pos sounds really wonderful<3

  2. Hi :) we are raising awareness for mental health (anxiety in particular) by doing a series called '10 steps to a stress free me'. Our story is pretty similar to yours and we just want everyone out there to know that there is ALWAYS someone behind you even if you feel so alone.
    Hanily x

    1. I'll try & check it out :) & I completely agree...nobody should feel alone xx