out of the blue trip to primark...

On Sunday I was sat browsing through Primarks website, in my pjs (it was totally around dinner time, that's what Sundays are for? chilling!). Just casually admiring the new stock, checking out the outfit uploads people had added & found myself thinking 'why am I just looking at these...why am I not just going? I have a car, nothing is holding me back now'. Ok, one tiny thing was holding me back...those lovely little 'what ifs' in my head & also the physical feelings I was experiencing. I had two options though, I could let anxiety control me or I could show anxiety who is in control & take anxiety along for the journey.
So I decided I was going to be the boss & got myself ready, fairly quick & tootled off to my nearest Primark...about 40 minutes drive away. I'd never ever drove to the town where Primark is & my mum doesn't like to drive into the centre because it is fairly busy. But I decided I didn't want to be like mum & be scared of driving into the town centre so I just went for it...on my own, am I crackers or just suddenly really fearless & brave?!
Admittedly when I got there I just wanted to turn straight back around & go home. I went on my own, I'm getting slightly good at this driving on my own business. I ended up driving around the centre because the first car park closest to Primark was absolutely full. At one point I was driving down a road that was only for buses, taxis & something else...it's kind of too late when you're already driving down the road. I eventually pulled up in another car park & ended up going to the paying machine for a man to tell me that parking was free on a Sunday, of course it was...I was just in such a tiss that I completely forgot.
I had arrived, after a few phone calls to let people know that I'd arrived/what I'd done...everyone was very proud, woohoo! So was I! Who'd of thought something that seems so simple, normal & everyday to some, would be such an achievement to others?
Next stop...PRIMARK!
I'm sure I'm not the only one who goes a little wild in Primark...I mean come on, it's just so cheap & admittedly yes that does sometimes mean nasty but not all the time.
I love seeing what others have bought in Primark so I thought I'd do a blog post sharing a few of my recent purchases...minus underwear cos somethings just don't need to be shared & sale items cos you might not be able to buy them in the Primark you visit.
Let's begin shall we?
'oh, I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair...'

I absolutely love this cute little hair top knot headband, is that what they are called? I have no idea, but well go with that.. I can tell this is going to be a definite go to accessory for summer. I love me a top knot & this just makes it even more fuller & just adds a little something. I wish I'd looked to see if they had other colours. I will certainly be keeping an eye out for other colours when I next head to Primark. I was so excited to wear this that I didn't manage to write down the price in my book ready for this post (yes, I was that organised) but I think I've worked it out & will add all the prices in at the end.
I've wanted to try one of these hair accessories for a little while but didn't really like the materials or patterns of the ones I'd seen. I've decided to just focus on the pattern in the photo but it is one of those that has a wire inside & can be used to put around a top knot or actually as a headband I assume too.
Don't worry, this post isn't going to be crammed with all things floral...actually that would make a pretty good post though. But unfortunately this is the last flowered item I have to share. I love daisies, they are just so simple but yet so beautiful. I got this because I thought it was a hair bobble, but it isn't just a bobble....oh no, it's a brooch too. I thought that was an added bonus cos you never know when you might want to add a little bit of something to an outfit. Admittedly I'll probably completely forget it is a brooch too until I go to put it in my hair then I'll remember, then forget again & then remember again...it'll just become a cycle. Floral is the way forward, yes? no?
While I'm on the accessory side of my purchases I thought I'd share with you the two belts I bought. The blush one with flowers all around caught my eye straight away, so pretty & such lovely detailing. The dark brown one is just a simple woven effect & I'm hoping to pair with a few of my lighter coloured tops. Both of them can be worn around the waist or around the hips. You can take your pick. :)
'just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...'
Who doesn't love Disney? I mean come on... I couldn't get over how much Disney, cartoon & band related stuff there was instore. I had to resist the urge to buy a top with Niall's face on (One Direction Niall) & also One Direction pjs. So I just opted for this super cute Finding Nemo vest. It's oversized so I've decided I'll more than likely wear it for bed or one day when I'm feeling super brave I'll wear it in public & try my best not to give a hoot what people think (easier said than done).
one last upclose & personal photo? 'just keep swimming..'
Along the lines of the character, band, branded section I also spotted this tshirt...
I'm not a fan of Marvel, but I knew my friend Nicola was & I thought it was just too cool not to pick up & treat her. I decided to include this in here cos some of you might be Marvel fans, I just don't know! :)
Still on the lines of branded items, I really needed some new summer pjs & these were the chosen ones...
Who remembers slush puppies? yummy! I just thought it was a super cute design on the front & the polka dot shorts go nicely too. I've actually been wearing these & they are easily my comfiest pjs without a doubt. The fabric is just so soft & loose fitting. Comfy is definitely the way forward. I suppose really you could wear the top as a normal vest too, if you really felt the need.
Slightly feel like I'm presenting a catwalk, up next...we have two lovely pair of sandals. I had planned to take lovely photos, you know..in the sunshine, painted toes, in the garden...but thanks to the lovely British weather giving us rain I couldn't do that. I might do a separate post on them, what I pair them up with to complete an outfit.
Let's have a look at the jelly like sandals first, is that what you'd call them? They certainly aren't jelly shoes, I had hoped they might have instore. So we'll go with jelly sandals, they are made from the exact material at a guess. I really like the colour, I'm a sucker for coral & the little heart detailing is pretty cute but I still think they'd look nice without it. The bow really finishes them off & they are a proper bow bow. I'm not a big fan of naff looking bows.
How lovely is this next pair? I think they look a lot more expensive than they are. The detailing & colour match perfectly. Not an awful lot to say about them really, other than I needed some new flip flop like sandals & I really liked the look of these...before I knew it, they were in my basket & then on their way home with me. 
Fairy lights, who doesn't love fairy lights?! Can totally transfer your room (am I right Jamie?)...crazy! So I thought I'd just share these with you incase you are looking for some basic lights. They do other lights too, I saw heart ones, balls, stars...a nice variety of choice. These have managed to go around all 3 sides of my day bed frame...admittedly it did take me about 7 attempts to get it to go around them but I've done it...HOORAYYY!!!
A super cute pinafore dress anyone? Admittedly yes, this was in the sale but it wasn't in the clearance section so maybe it is only recently reduced. But it is soooo cute. It looks lovely on. I've got a thing for denim dresses, not sure where this feeling came from but it could be a worse feeling...right?

The denim is a fairly reasonably thick material too, so I have a feeling it will keep its shape well (what very little shape it has). It doesn't look much hung up on the hanger but once it's on, it really does look a little different. Maybe I'll do a separate post on it, who knows. I really like the button effects on the dress...

If you are a reader of Jojo's blog aka Miss Jojangles you might agree that this would be a kind of dress she would totally rock. Jojo, get yourself down to Primark & get hunting...I don't think you'd regret it. :)
Almost at the end, I promise. My last item to share with you is this...
GLOW IN THE DARK NAIL VARNISH?!?!?! Yes, I really was that excited about it! I'd wanted to try glow in the dark nail varnish for agesss but everywhere I'd seen it, it had been ridiculously priced. But once I spotted it, I just had to give it a go. I'm only slightly disappointed in it, it could possibly glow up a little bit more...other than that though, it is great! Easy to apply but has a funny smell & a strange texture once it is dry.
In order from the top to the bottom, I'll give you the prices just incase you are curious.
Floral top knot headband - £2
Bendy daisy headband - £1.50
Daisy flower bobble/brooch - £1.50
Dark brown woven belt - £1
Blush floral studded belt - £2
Finding Nemo vest - £6
Marvel tshirt - £5
Slush puppie pjs - £8
Coral jelly bowed sandals - £4
Gemmed sandals - £8
LED lights - £2.50
Denim dress - £5
Glow in the dark nail varnish - £1.50 
WOWWWW, if you got all the way down to here (without cheating & skipping the words)...a massive well done & round of applause to you. It did feel like a really waffle post, it took me a few sittings to actually complete it (totally didn't get tired the first time around). But I hope you enjoyed reading it, as much as I enjoyed putting it together. I really enjoy watching youtube videos of Primark hauls so this is my equivalent.
As always, thank you veryyyy much for popping by & assumingly reading this post.
- Anna ♥


  1. That Finding Nemo top - oh my word. Dreamy! Probably one of my favourite films, not gonna lie x

    1. completely relate to you! :) just keep swimming is a quote to go by :) xx

  2. Lovely post! your items look lovely, I may have to head over to primark myself to get the slushpuppie pi's :) x


    1. thank you :) oooh, if you do be sure to share & I hope you find lovely things :) I absolutely adore my slush puppie pjs :) xx

  3. I admire you for driving into town like that , I can't bring myself to start taking driving lessons,I'm way too scared of panicking once on the road or something. Love your way of narrating, will definitly be planning a trip to primark when I have a chance.And here I was trying to be good and save money,I especially like the pinafore dress and the belts !,



    1. believe you me, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be :) & another thing...I never thought I'd be able to drive, so I can totally relate to you but it is achieveable honest :) I hope you checked out my driving tips :)

      thank you :) gotta love primark! & I'm saving money now, well trying my best :) thank you again :) xx

  4. OoOo You know I loved the fairy lights! hehe
    I love the slush puppy pjs too they're so cute and look really comfy
    and the pink shiney sandals are so pretty!! ah I need to go to primark!!
    :) xxx

    1. indeed I do :) eeekk! get yourself down to Primark Jamie & make sure you share with me what you get? :) xx

  5. Nice sandals.