you don't have to face it alone...

Hello all, Sunday has arrived...these weeks go so flippin fast! Now we've come to an end of mental health awareness week. I did try to blog every day about the topic but I managed every day but one & that is pretty good going if you ask me. But I thought I'd just end the week with this post.
Unfortunately there is so many people out there in this world who feel alone, who shouldn't have to & don't have to face a mental illness alone. If you don't feel like you can talk to a family member or a friend, please approach a professional. Or if you don't feel like you can't talk to a professional then please talk to a family member or a friend. Don't ever feel you should suffer in silence.
There are incredible charities out their who can support you, if you need help please check them out. Don't ever be ashamed or afraid to ask for help.
I really hope this post has helped you!
I always like to add a photo or quote of some kind into my posts & todays is this quote...
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As always, thanks for reading.

- Anna  ♥


  1. I LOVE that picture quote. It is amazing. And also love this post. It is really easy to feel alone but even more important to let others know they are not alone. Not everyone is apt to reach out so if I sense something I try to approach someone, without overstepping of course.

    1. me too, the quote is so powerful :) you never have to be alone, I'm only a tweet/dm/email awayxxx

  2. You were on fire with this blogging lark last week!!! I hope (and I'm certain) that this has encouraged many people to reach out for a bit of support.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. I know right, tell me about it! & now I feel like an old lady cos I started writing up a blog post earlier & had to stop cos I was getting tired...ooohh rock & roll! :P

      I hope so too :) xxxx

  3. What a lovely post!
    Faye |