you don't have to get caught out in the rain again, ever

You read that right, you don't have to get caught out in the rain again, ever...or have to battle with an umbrella, since Matalan have created a super cute & stylish pac a parka! What a wonderful creation.
a selection of photos of me goofing around anyone?
I've decided to spread my blogging wings & not only blog about mental health but blog about other topics I enjoy too. Such as fashion (I'm a sucker for shopping), nail varnish, music, on screen going ons & creating my own little projects. Handmade/homemade is the best! :) I'm by no means saying I'm any good at the whole fashiony styled blog posts but I'm giving it a whirl, again...yes, for your eyes again.
So I'm going to share with you one of my newest purchases...
Matalan Printed Pac a Parka...super cute, super fashionable, super light weight & super handy...what more could you ask for? You can just pop it in your handbag because it comes in a nice little bag... 
Admittedly yesterday I didn't put it in my bag & I got drenched cos it chucked it down, I will clearly learn from my mistakes now & leave it inside my handbag. A friend helped me again take some photos so here goes, again...
It seems I don't really like looking at the camera...

goofy smile but I'm looking so chuffed with my pac a parka

ducky face anyone?

slightly big hood...

it was a little bit laughable
The parka has a few toggles (are they called toggles?) around the waist & on the hood so you can adjust the parka to suit you. I like to pull the waist in abit to make sure it gives me abit of a shape & looks nice on. Instead of looking straight up & down, pretty basic & shapeless.
The pac a parka can be found here & can also be found in four different designs too. I also discovered this morning that they also have created this item in their new petite section...hats off to Matalan & a big round of applause? Matalan has to be without a doubt one of my favourite shops. Admittedly like most shops you do have to look at the quality sometimes but that's the same everywhere. But overall their quality is incredible & the prices are just fab! Matalan is certainly a weakness of mine, damn you Matalan!
Ooookkkk, there we have it again. Another post of me sharing with you a recent find that I'm loving! Especially since in the UK the weather can sometimes be hot but then decides to rain, a pac a parka is certainly a must in my eyes.
I hope you enjoyed this post, maybe I'll be bringing more of these posts in the future. As always, thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥
p.s. I wasn't approached by Matalan to create this sirey! I bought the pac a parka myself & just decided to share my love for it with you.


  1. Replies
    1. thanks :) I absolutely love it :) xx

  2. What a cute little parka ! Perfect for weekends like this one! Rain rain and more rain. Love the variety in your blog Anna keep it up! I understand completley about the not liking having your photo taken, I just feel awkward standing directly in front of a camera and having to pose, but you look great! :) xx

    Jamie xox

    1. yes, without a doubt! A lady actually complimented me in it yesterday & was on about going to get one for her weekend away :)

      why thank you Jamie :) I love keeping it mixed up a little bit :)

      completely agree with you :) thanks! xxx