my first attempt at a 'fashion' I 'style' my dungarees - chilly edition

For starters could the title be any longer? I'm not exactly used to this & I would no way, not a chance call myself a fashion sirey! But I thought sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone & try new things. So here I am, giving a fashion related post a go.
Our garden isn't exactly the best places to take some snaps so I decided to ask my godmum if I could use her garden to take my photos. I took a few on self timer sat on the table & then my mum popped by to help. It didn't feel right, the photos were too moody/too posed & I just didn't really like em...I'd like to add aswell I felt a nelly. Here is one from then...

the only photo I kind of 'liked'

The parka I have on there isn't actually for this post, that's for another one I have planned...oh deary me!

 So after that wasn't a success, my friend Tori (hey Tori, if you're reading this :) ) ever so kindly offered for me to use her garden & for her to take the photos too. It was ever so much like a glamorous photo shoot I imagine...I'm kidding! Tori was in her work gear & slippers on her feet haha! Rock n roll lifestyle we lead! :) The whole point of this post was to share how I 'style' my dungarees, basically what I wear them with. So without further ado.. here are my random photos & exactly how I 'style' my dungarees - chilly edition....

I don't do looking at the camera, oppsss!

jumping for joy & for the giggles!

moon walking or avoiding hot lava

'Anna, be cute'

'oh, this is getting far too much'

snap of the giggles

say hello to my little friend

'hello there little dude'

Starting from the top, items available & found are linked....
Outfit 1
Dungarees - New Look
Grey Top (under the dungarees) - Asos Petite (can't find)
Hoodie - Matalan
Khaki Jacket - Asda (a few years old)
Tights - Matalan (maybe, 200 denier option in store)
Chelsea Boots - Tesco (two years ago)
Outfit 2
Dungarees - New Look
Grey Top (under the dungarees) - Asos Petite
Hoodie - Matalan
Khaki Jacket - Asda
Scarf - Independent Store (no brand)
Tights - Matalan
Nike Blazers - JD Sports (not available now)
Outfit 3
Dungarees - New Look
White Knitted Jumper - Matalan (recent, can't find online)
Scarf - New Look (a few years old)
Tights - Matalan
Nike Blazers - JD Sports
Right, try not to laugh but I've searched on New Look for the dungarees & I'm pretty sure these are my exact ones. The colouring looks completely different, unless you click on the photo up close to the pocket. We've all been there when something online looks completely different to real life, am I right? :)
So there you have it, my very sorry attempt at a 'fashion' post...hope you enjoyed it & maybe got some inspiration? Or even had a giggle at the photos. Hope you don't think this post is too much of a shambles...I just didn't want to do your typical posed outfit post. Tori just snapped away...we had around 200 photos all together I think, some of them got deleted cos my eyes were shut or I was pulling the most attractive of faces & others I just kept for myself, not to be shared with the internet.
If you have read through this all, thank you very much!
- Anna ♥


  1. Haha, this is one of the best fashion posts I've ever seen!! And your dungarees look spiffing! Good work Anna Banana, glad they weren't all posed...not that there's anything wrong with that...just wouldnt be very you!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. why thank you your majesty (can I call you this forever?!) :P I'm ever so glad you enjoyed it! I think you should give it a go for the giggles! :D hehe..I'd love to see that! :D xxx

  2. This is so adorable!! Your personality really shines through:))

    1. thanks Nichole! :) I'm glad you think so xxx

  3. Replies
    1. one of the best comments I've EVER received! haha <3

    Not at you of course, just with you! You are very funny and you should definitely venture more in the world of outfit posts! You are brilliant! xoxo

    Other Infinities

    1. I'm ever so glad! :D I'm glad you enjoyed it! why thank you :) xxxx

  5. Hi Anna, sorry for the late comment - had a lot going on atm but this post was great! I absolutley loved it. So much better than the usual forced posey stuff a lot of people put out there, it's refreshing to see something different.I really loved your jumper in the last few shots. Looks so comfy! I thought you were crying in the one covering your face but realised after you were laughing haha, love it (and the kitty too!!) take care xxxx

    1. heyy Jamie :) don't apologise at all...I'm glad you enjoyed it, I've had great feedback :) It really is so has gone out of shape a little after 3 washes though :/ nooo, no tears :) thank you, you too <3 xxxx