my life in letters

I don't like leaving my blog for too long without posting something, so here I am with 'my life in letters'...

I completely stole this whole blog post idea from Sinead, thanks Sinead! If you don't read Sineads blog what are you playing at? I'm sure you'd love her & her blog! Check her out over at Dreaming Again. Be kind, be nice & send happy vibes?! :)

A...well it's got to be Anna!
B...bananna, Anna Bananna was my nickname in high school.
C...chatty? I can be fairlyyyyy chatty. coke, slightly addicted to the stuff at the minute.
E...English, the only language I can speak.
F...freedom, since passing my test I've gained a huge amount of that.
G...glamour, LOVE the it every month, still have three months to read. has to be my favourite soap, HOLLYOAKS! DO THE H!
J...job? don't know what I want to do as a job...can't seem to get my head around my parents business.
K...kid, I'm a complete kid at heart.
L...laughter, has to be the best medicine.
M...manners, I'd class myself as well mannered.
N...nail varnish, without a doubt! Only make up I wear & own far too much! & honest?
P...people pleaser, does get me walked over abit but I'm learning more.
Q...quite shy, I can be quite shy sometimes.
R...rude people, can't stand them., absolutely love it!
T...tilly (my car), yes I've named my car.
U...unique, I'd like to think I'm pretty unique.
V...(the) vamps, their album has been on repeat in my car since it was released apart from one day. great job!
W...writing, love it...writing letters, writing blog posts, writing lists...
X...x-ray, I've never had an x-ray.
Y...yes, trying to say yes to a few more things.
Z...zzzz, I like to sleep.

I'd loveeeee to see you take part & do a 'my life in letters' post too, or maybe you've already done one. Let me know :) I think it's a great way to get to know someone better.

As always, thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. I did this one time! It's such a fun post:) I loved reading it! Also a kid at heart!:) forever and always! My moms made me try to start drinking regular pop and it's so hard to transition back!

    1. it really is :) I was dreading missing out a letter of the alphabet or something daft like that haha :) I coke is delicious, so is diet pepsi actually too :) xx

  2. Hello lovely :) Hollyoaks is my favourite too! and I always get Glamour as well :) I've done this on my blog :) Xx

    1. hello there Alice :) gotta love abit of hollyoaks..soap awards tonight! :) & glamour is a real magazine :)

      I'm so excited & proud that you've got a blog up & running again :) without a doubt I'm going to be popping over xxxx

  3. Oh I like this!! I too am a people pleaser and feel your pain. BUT it is nice to be nice, so that's cool!
    And it's only right to name your car, I pootle about in Raymond, it's marvellous!
    M x

    1. it was funnnn :) yeah it is..I'd rather be nice than be nasty..wouldn't be able to live with myself :/

      I love Raymond! what is he? :) xxx