you can still have an illness & achieve something...

First off, this was meant to be yesterdays post but yesterday was busy busy so I didn't get round to typing it up so instead I'm going to blog twice today, is that okay? I hope all is forgiven... :)
Hands up, how many of you have ever felt you weren't good enough to do something? *raises hand*... Hands up if you have ever doubted yourself because you feel something is holding you back? *raises hand*...The one thing that has ever made me really doubt myself is my lovely buddy anxiety, cos I mean 'what if I can't cope', 'what if I can't manage'...
Believe you me, I've been there too. But since I like to look on the bright side of life. I thought I'd create a list of my achievements that I'm so proud of since anxiety became a part of my life & when I actually knew that anxiety was what was the matter. I feel like this is going to be like a trip down memory lane, hope you enjoy! :)
I started my own blog...
oh hello, new & updated blog header! :)
If you are new around here you won't know the story behind my blog. I started blogging to give myself focus & a place to just get my thoughts out really when my anxiety was possibly at its highest. I haven't looked back since, we live in a world now where technology is such a massive part of our lives & it isn't always a bad thing. Through technology I've found myself a place to call my own plus some pretty amazing & supportive people. Thankfully I haven't personally come across any nasties yet & I hope I never do!
I learnt to drive...
Never did I ever think I'd be able to learn to drive at all. Just the thought of the whole process completely filled me with dread. But, not only did I learn to drive & pass my test but I managed to blog all about it too. Even sharing some of my top tips with you aswell. I seriously can't get over the fact of I managed to complete it all. When I eventually started I was thinking lessons would be harder than going & sitting the theory test, turned out the other way round. Lessons become a breeze (not all lessons though) & the theory test day wasn't overly easy, even though I did cope with it a lot better than I thought I would & managed to pass first relieved I was cos I knew I didn't have to sit it again, unless I didn't pass my test within two years then I would.
I managed to work & not for my parents...
a sign from where I worked..LOVE it!
To most people who haven't or don't experience anxiety they will be like, 'big wow, you worked' but to me it was a huge achievement. Since 2010 I have been working for my parents which wasn't always easy but it gave me exposure. But November/December just gone I applied for a sales/admin assistant which to me was the perfect job but unfortunately somethings aren't meant to be. I did end up helping them at Christmas events & occasional Saturdays up until recent when shop work & foot fall has just gone quiet so I'm no longer working there but I managed it everytime I was asked to work & to me it was a massive achievement & the proof I needed to give myself that I can do it.
I really hope this post has helped some of you realise that you can achieve & you will eventually achieve! I was once in your shoes of completely self doubting my own ability but not so much anymore! :)
I hope you are all well & having a lovely day, hopefully soaking up some rays...the sun has got its hat on, hip hip hip hooray! :P haha...yes, you have come across a 22 year olds blog!
As always, thank you for reading & if you want to leave a comment please do...I loveeee me a comment or two! :)
- Anna  ♥

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