anxiety is only part of me, not all of me...

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Yes, I suffer with anxiety. Yes, it is part of me but that is all. I never ever want an illness or condition of any kind to define who I am as a person. I absolutely hate when my parents will be talking about somebody & refer to them as having cancer or have had cancer (amazing the amount of people who are actually affected!). Just because that person had an illness or has an illness it doesn't define them as a person & I'm pretty sure they don't want it to define them as a person neither. So always try not to look at someone & remember them for their illness but for something about them, maybe about their personality.
I believe that anxiety is only part of me, admittedly when I started blogging it played a huge part in my life. But now I'm improving day by day & managing to live a 'normal' life (what is classed as normal ay? :P normal is pretty boring! we don't want normal... ) Obviously I've decided to carry on with blogging because it is something I enjoy so maybe we could class me as a blogger & not an illness. Hmm, what else am I?
pretty good at diy?
Yes, I have just admitted that I think I'm fairly good at DIY...I did put together all my bedroom furniture, all by myself...aren't I a clever little bee ;) & I will quite often revamp & create little this space, you never know something my appear on the blog (I totally have something planned, don't hold me to it though!)
upbeat, bubbly, polite & friendly?
Ok, ok...anyone else not great at complimenting themselves? I just kind of feel that those are some of my qualities as a human being...remember, not a human being known by an illness. I don't wanna come across as being big headed either or tooting my own you toot a trumpet? I don't know!
helpful & always happy to help?
I will quite happily help anyone, within reason of course. Helping people isn't only good for others, but it will make you feel better as a person too. Admittedly being so eager & happy to help others does sometimes lead me to being used. But I'm getting used to finding a balance inbetween what is right & what isn't.
awareness raiser & charity supporter?
They could totally be titles to add to my CV surely, or even in the qualities & skills section? :) If I can raise awareness & support a charity I am more than game, lets do this... I've blogged about a few charities mainly Mind & Coppafeel ...check em out!
Right, I think I'm just gonna leave it at those four...don't wanna come across big headed at all but you've got to compliment yourself haven't you? :)
I hope that this has got across the point of I'm more than just an illness & so are you. Any of you suffering with an illness are better than your illness, believe me. List a few of your qualities & you'll soon realise too. :)
Tomorrows post is going to be...'you can still have an illness & achieve something'.
Thank you for popping by & having a read of this post, however you got here! Feel free to leave me a comment, I looovveeeee me some comments! :)
- Anna ♥ 


  1. Don't worry about feeling big-headed; you're definitely not! I would completely agree that you are upbeat bubbly polite and friendly :D I also really like helping people too.

    1. phew, thanks for the reassurance Sinead :) long time no see in my comments! :P aww, thanks :) helping people is great! xx

  2. This post was awesome! I love how you put it…its a part of me but it is not me. Great for you for not letting it define you! And I loved reading what you are:))

    1. thanks Nichole! :) I'm trying to focus on it a lot more so I don't become it xx

  3. I think you can definitely toot a trumpet...
    And I love love love this post!! It's so important to remember and give ourselves credit for all of the things we are above and beyond the one thing that could define us. Well done you.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. toot toot! :) tooted it! :)

      awwwwww,thanks Michelle :) you are so bloomin' lovely! :) it really is important to give ourselves credit for the other parts of our lives :) thank you again xxx