never feel ashamed...

This is something I have learnt to do, never feel ashamed for having anxiety. I am very open about my situation to literally everyone I meet. I don't want it to be the elephant in the room.

Anxiety is a part of me & I know that if I don't speak about it, it will become worse & rear its ugly little mug (I think it is slightly stubborn & doesn't like being ignored). So I've learnt to just speak about it, because then I'm in control & in my eyes people are then aware if I start to feel funny. Admittedly not everyone is going to be understanding & accepting but you know what, that is okay & that doesn't matter. If they don't understand you, you don't need them in your life. My ex boyfriend actually tried to tell me there was nothing wrong with me, basically it was all in my mind...That would be why it is called mental health. He is now no longer part of my life,  I don't need people who don't understand or who don't even try to understand. I've found that aswell you can tell a lot about someone by how they react to someones situation.

I've actually added about my anxiety onto my CV, some of you will think I'm crackers but I think honesty is the best policy. Anxiety is just as real for me as having two eyes, two ears, two arms, two get the picture right? So it certainly isn't something I'm going to hide away & be ashamed of.

Neither should you, learn to be happy in your own skin. Accept your conditions, your situation & your illness.

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I know people do still feel ashamed of what they are going through but please, try your hardest not to be ashamed. I know it's easier said than done...*hugs*
As always, thanks for reading & feel free to leave a comment too.
 - Anna ♥