BIG love for Blogger & Bloglovin'

This post is a special post since it is my 100th post I have published on to my blog. Admittedly at the start I did copy across some of my old posts from my old blog over on Wordpress. But hey, I did write them & this was to be my new blog so it only seemed right to bring them along with me.
I really can't believe that I actually have wrote 100 posts, that is just crazyyyy!
My post is just going to be a happy post full of loovveeee....
all we need is love, do do do do is all we need..
Right enough of the little sing song outburst that just went off.
It is just going to be full of love for both Blogger & bloglovin'..
do you share the same love as I do?

Photo so simple yet so cheesy?
I don't care, it pretty much is what the post is about all in one edited snap.
I always find a post with a picture looks so much nicer than just words.
I'm sure you are already aware of what both of these are, Blogger is the website which allows so many of us to create our blogs & bloglovin' is the website which allows us to follow our favourite blogs.
When I first started blogging I did have a little go at Blogger but wasn't 100% sure on if it was for me so I tried Wordpress as it seemed a little simpler. After deciding I really enjoyed blogging but preferred the whole look of Blogger blogs better I then hopped on board. It wasn't easy to get used to at first & I still do get stuck with little bits but I do find it so much better. I'm also enjoying teaching myself little bits & bobs to create & experiment with.
I can't even remember when I actually came across bloglovin' but I'm so glad I did. It allows me to keep up to date with my favourite blogs. Even if you don't want to comment on someones blog then bloglovin' gives you the option to like it by hitting a little heart.

I don't actually have anything else left to say other than how much I really do love being able to use both of these sites & being part of the blogging community. Do you agree with me?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
I really do love hearing what you have to say.

Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

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