My Driving Journey - Lesson 31 & 32

32 lessons, that can't be right....can it?
Oh yes that is absolutely correct. I'm pretty sure I'm becoming like a broken record now, but I actually can't believe it....
Tuesday 8th October
Manoeuvre based lesson today, I really do enjoy these & I really can't get over how quick driving lessons actually go. Today I got to practice reversing around a corner & parallel parking first off..I'm pretty sure I didn't get to practice a 3 point turn during the lesson. Note to self, I need to wrote down in my book straight away what I did & then I will remember. 
We pretty much finished off the lesson in a car park practicing bay parking. I think I must of practiced about 6 different times on 6 different spots (bays in driving term, pretty sure it's Americans call a parking spot a bay?) I only practiced reversing in to them today & some of them were a little off but not everything can be perfect every single time. So I'm not going to beat myself up about it, I'm just going to try a little bit better next time. I did want to practice more & more to get it better but unfortunately time was up.
Thursday 10th October
Well I'm going to start off with the situation before the driving lesson, we are all human & we all make mistakes. I thought my lesson was at 11, just like I did last Thursday actually. Apart from this time I only actually realised when my mum had come to my room to say get up & get ready before she left for work & I was all, 'it's alright, my lesson is at 11'...Yeah, I was wrong. Infact the lesson was at 9 & when did I discover this? When mum opened her blinds & shouted to me that Sharon was outside..So my lesson that should of started at 9 started at 10 past, not bad going if you ask me. Mad dash to get ready certainly wakes you up I can tell you that much.
So today we basically just went on over to the next town so I could see where the test centre was. If I'm honest with you it isn't as scary as I expected. I kind of expected just one big building but it was nothing like that at all. It was just one office in a row of about 8 offices. Nothing to be scared of or worried about at all. I only got to drive to the test centre & back because then time was up.
During my lesson today I learnt that my weak point is roundabouts, I definitely need more practice on them. I seem to stop when I can actually go & then go when I should actually stop. Not exactly safe & definitely something I am going to work on & I'd like to think I'm not the only one who it has happened to while learning. Can I just add that I don't go out in like a wreckless kind of way.

Well that is two more lessons down, how many more to go?
I do wonder, progress is still to be made.

Are you learning to drive?
Are you considering learning?

Let me know in the comments below.
I really do love hearing from you guys.

Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥ 


  1. Yo GURRRRL :) you've nothing to worry about chick! I did not like roundabouts..i got better at them but i did actually almost cry at one point because it was so busy and my instructor was like "you really should go soon" i was like DUDE i can't...and i was stressing out's nothing to worry about even people who've driven for yearssss make mistakes! xD

    Hey least you didn't suddenly lurch out of a T junction and up onto the pavement! ;) my finest fairness it was my 2nd lesson AHAHAH but the point's never easy!! :) xx

    1. Phewwww :) thanks for the reassurance :)
      ooh gosh *puts hand over eyes* please tell me the pavement was on your side of the road xx