My Driving Journey - Lesson 29 & 30

I seriously can't believe I'm actually typing this..
Did I actually think I'd get past 10 lessons? If I'm honest with you I was debating it.
Here I am though, writing up about lessons 29 & 30. That is 30 hours in total, it really doesn't feel like I have been learning to drive for that long. They do say time flies when your having fun right? Well I am, I'm so glad that I can share my journey with you (yes you, reading this), that is if you haven't got bored yet. I really hope I can inspire somebody else experiencing mental health difficulties to give it a go.
Tuesday 1st October
I had a feeling today would be a manoeuvres kind of lesson & I was right. We drove around my local town & the surrounding villages whilst occasionally being asked to stop & perform a manoeuvre. The first manoeuvre I completed was a 3 point turn, shall we just call this one a 5 point turn? I hate when cars appear in the road that I'm doing my manoeuvre on & typically today there was a car coming from both side, brilliant. If I'm honest I think that just started the lesson off bad because it didn't really pick up from there. We then moved on to an estate where I got to practice parallel parking, that didn't go down as smoothly as I would of liked it to either. But we have to make mistakes to learn from them.
Next up was some independent driving, Sharon explained that on my test the examiner will have a piece of laminated card with a diagram on as such. Her example was a line going up then across to the left then down again & across towards the right of the paper. This means that you have to follow the diagram. So I had to follow the road until I came to a T junction where I had to turn left & then the same again & the same again. You have to follow the road until you come to T junction & can't go no further, sometimes you might come to a crossroads & they expect you to turn then but they will say. This actually went really well.
Then we headed through the middle of town, I haven't driven through it up until now. The roads are made pretty narrow with traffic coming both ways & cars parked up too. A bus was coming so I let it through but I pulled in abit too close to a parked car but I just had to turn away from the car straight away & we was fine. After driving through town I then got to go onto another estate & practice doing a reverse round the corner, I wont go into detail but the first one didn't go too well & then the second went a little bit better. I think it is safe to say that my lesson was a slight disaster? I'm sure I'm not the only one who will have one of those.
Thursday 3rd October
Today I managed to wake up thinking that my lesson was at 11, oh no..I was mistaken it was actually at 9. So mad dash to get ready in a way, I felt like I wasn't fully awake but WOW I soon woke up when I realised I had to be up, ready & out the house. I was on time, awake & alert. We drove to the next town today & I got to practice some junctions, basically just turning left & then at the next one I'd turn right & then the next I'd turn left...I'm sure you get the idea now. Then we headed across to another village which then lead us on to a much busier long stretch of road, where I got to practice going at a faster speed obviously. I wasn't used to going so fast that every time I went to change gear I didn't dare take my foot off the accelerator. Which as you can imagine made an awful noise & I'm sure it didn't do the car much good either. Once we had got onto the normal road again I knew exactly why I wasn't taking my foot off the gas, I was too scared incase we slowed down too much. We obviously wouldn't of & now I know this I will be absolutely fine next time. I even got to over take a lorry. This lesson actually went pretty well. 
WOW, that really looks like a lot to read. If you read it all thank you, it really does mean alot that I can share this journey with you.
I really love hearing from you in the comments too.
Thank you for reading.
- Anna ♥

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