My fear of dogs....Exposure really works?

Oh my, yes it does! If it wasn't for this experience I think I would still question it myself.
It might be best to start from the beginning, usually the best place to start a story. I don't remember my age, but when I was little. I want to say I was under the age of ten. I was on my neighbours garden with her dog & a boy who lived on our street when he decided to kick the dog & the dog turned round & bit me..Well that was a short story for you. So as you can imagine since then I have had a fear of dogs. But since the fear didn't actually ruin my day to day life I never actually thought of facing it at all. If I saw a dog in the street I would maybe be abit cautious, if I went round to someones house who had a dog I would be scared. Some people might find this odd since we actually have a dog, she used to be my nans, then we ended up having her because my nan was put into a care home. My nan hadn't had Molly (our dog) from a puppy so when she came she was well trained & didn't like kids much so she kind of stays clear. That is probably why I haven't been bothered by her. So Molly isn't the dog who actually got me over my fear..
The dog who got me over my fear without me actually realising is this little monkey....
Meet Pudding. This photo was actually taken on the day the family who I actually class as my second family got him. I can remember that afternoon as clear as anything. I was out walking Molly when I got a text saying "are you coming up tonight?"...I'd just like to state this seemed very odd as I don't usually get asked I just usually just turn up whenever, well that makes me sound rude. It isn't in a rude way at all I can assure you. So I texted back saying "yes sure, if that's okay" & the response I got was "of course, it wouldn't be the same without you!"...Well at that point I knew full well they had picked up the puppy! I knew they had been to have a look at some puppies because they had told me & hoped I'd still go up even when they got one. They knew that I didn't like dogs, well I'd just like to state now I think they have seen me more now they actually have Pudding haha..
Here is a few pictures of me & Pudding on that very first night at his new home.
These photos just make me smile & makes me think of it as he is thinking "yes, I like you...we can be friends."
Like I've said he isn't my dog but the family on my street who are like my second family. I actually class them as family compared to some of my blood related family. I have known the second family over 10 years, I've been visiting them since the oldest son was born & he will be 11 next week.
So over time like I usually do, I went up & visited, played with Pudding, created a friendship with him...people who don't like dogs will be thinking, a friendship with a dog, yes it is a friendship. He just turned one a few months ago, so over the course of a year I have slowly but surely gotten over my fear of dogs & it is all down to the second family & their new addition Pudding, I'd like to say thank you & actually dedicate this whole post to them. Even my mum & the second mum figure laugh now when I'm play fighting with Pudding & they go "rumour has it Anna doesn't like dogs"..They wouldn't be lying but now it is a thing of the past. Now when we go dog walking if I come across another dog I don't run the other way....quite literally, I just stroke them & carry on walking. Or when I go to my god mum's house I used to be scared of her dog but now I sit on the floor with him & have a play. 
The whole point of this post was to prove to you reading this that exposure exercise for anxiety & fear does actually work, if you just take it a step at a time. This is my proof that exposure exercises do work & it keeps my hope alive. I know one day I will get over/learn to cope better with my anxiety that is with me every day, until then..I shall take each day as it comes, one step at a time.
To round this post off I'm going to throw in a few more photos of Pudding....
Top left - "if I can't see you, you can't see me".
Top right - "WOW, there is so much room in here".
Bottom left - Just watching Mr Stink with my human friends.
Bottom right - "Shaking my booty".

Top left - "Hey guys, when did we get a new puppy?"
Top right - "You talking to me?"
Bottom left - "You want it? come & get it"
Bottom right - "Who you looking at?"

"Being this adorable is hard work you know".

 Top left - Before one of our dog walks.
Top right - Walking in the fields.
Bottom left - Molly & Pudding.
Bottom right - Me & Pudding during a walk in the snow.
Okay, admittedly I didn't plan on putting that many photos in but he's just too cute & I couldn't narrow down my choices. I hope you enjoyed this post & really hope it gives you hope & makes you believe you can overcome your anxieties & fears, one step at a time...each day at a time.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. this was such an interesting post to read. i too am scared of dogs; if there's one walking up the road i will cross the road or walk in the other direction, though i can't think of anything significant that triggered it off. hopefully one day i won't be quite so scared, this post have given me hope anyway! that picture 'you talking to me?' is so so cute :)

    1. Thanks :) fingers crossed, I'm sure you wont be :)
      I know right, I really do like that photo...I do like them all though :)

  2. Lovely post to read, so glad you over cane your fear pudding is adorable! I have two cute naughty beagles! These pics make me smile :-)

    1. Thank you :)
      me too, like I was a fear but it didn't really realise if that even makes sense :) xx

  3. Pudding is absolutely gorgeous and I'm so so pleased he helped you tackle your fear. Completely agree with you, in some situations exposure is a good cure. My step daughter was a little anxious around dogs before ours came along and it's so lovely to see her rolling about on the floor with them. Fab post...and I cannot get enough of that pup! Xx

    1. I'm sure if he could speak he would say oooh thank you :) Thanks for agreeing with me, exposure can really sometimes do the trick exactly! :) yayyy, that is so good to hear! I do the same, we play fight now :) he used to have a duvet in the house & he used to let me wrap him up in it...he doesn't have the duver now :( awww bless you :) xx