Just had to share this video with you..

Short & sweet post, I was going to blend it in with my other post today but it just didn't fit at all so I thought I'd post a quick separate one just to share this video with you.
This morning Jonny Benjamin on Twitter shared this video with his followers. It was a response to The Sun Newspapers article that caused quite an uproar with their headline '1,200 killed by mental patients'. I do follow a fair few of people who have been affected by poor mental health & well you can imagine they wasn't best pleased to say the least.
But Jonny has created this video in response called Sometimes (I'm Schizophrenic)/All Of The Time (I'm Just Human). I think it is a real eye opener & just proves that we are all human.
Please watch it, it is fantastically created.

What did you think to the video?
Has it made you look at people affected by mental health difficulties a different way?
Let me know in the comments below.
Thanks for reading.
Feel free to share the video around too.
- Anna ♥

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