Hey, let's talk about....swearing

I took to Twitter at the beginning of the week to get others opinions on swearing. I started blogging for me, a place to have a voice.. somewhere to express my thoughts inside my head. Never did I think I'd actually have any readers. But I actually have regular readers now & it is great. Thank you guys! So every now & then (I think I was planning on doing it towards the start of every month) I like to get others involved in my weekly series of 'hey lets talk about....'
Over the past year or so I have noticed that my dad swears a heck of a lot. I'm not sure whether I'm noticing more because I'm at home more, if he has always been like it or if it is as he is getting older..I don't actually know. But I tell you one thing, it drives me potty. Yes, I'm sure we all swear every now & then but when it becomes a ridiculous unnecessary amount I think it is uncalled for.
Here is what a few others have to say on the topic....
"Basically I'm not bothered about it. I tend not to do it because I don't wanna come across as more aggressive (unless that's what I'm trying to do). I've no problem witnessing it unless its ridiculously unnecessary, in which case its annoying!"

"I'm quite torn when it comes to swearing. Growing up using bad language was something I was always taught not to do however it has crept in to my vocabulary. There are certainly situations when I think it is completely unacceptable, for example using it as an insult, in front of my parents, children, strangers, elders, when complaining, debating a point or having a heated conversation when I believe it can not only be disrespectful but also unbeneficial to a situation. On the other hand if I'm feeling upset, angry or stub my toe it can also be a great release and an effective way of demonstrating just how you feel. If you must swear, always swear responsibly."

"I think that swearing is a subjective thing and it depends completely on the circumstance and company as to whether it is appropriate to use. I'll admit it; I sometimes swear. I'm pretty sure that everyone does once in a while. Sometimes all it takes is dropping something or stubbing your toe and it just kind of slips out. In all honesty, I have no problem with that whatsoever. For the most part, I tend to not worry about how people talk or whether or not they swear. However, in my mind there is a kind of scale of acceptability when it comes to what words will offend me. I know that's really stupid; after all a word is only a word, but it is true. One word in particular springs to mind (I won't say which) and I get annoyed if anyone uses it around me.
When people are unable to string a sentence together without throwing in some kind of expletive, I feel that it is just going too far. Trust me, I've known plenty of people that suffer from this issue. They can be talking about the most mundane thing and yet in slips a completely unnecessary expletive as if it makes them cooler or "harder". It doesn't and, in my opinion, the overuse of swearing shows a lack of vocabulary and isn't attractive. There are literally thousands of words in the English language. Surely you can find one to substitute that swear."

As you can see everyone has their own opinions, I didn't put a limit on what each of the girls could say. I just let them write however much they felt about swearing. I do agree with them, especially both Rachael & Debi's part about stubbing your toe.

What are your opinions on swearing?
Do you think it's completely fine?
Or maybe you think it is uncalled for & unnecessary?

Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments below.
I'd love to hear what you have to say about the subject.

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Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. I definitely agree with the whole swearing responsibly thing. It really gets to me when I see adults opening swearing in front of young children - especially in an aggressive manner. Great post Anna :)


    1. Completely agree with you Kay, it is awful & unnecessary. Thanks for commenting :)