Hey, let's talk about....independence

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Is there any better feeling than being independent?
Being able to complete something by yourself & being proud. If you ask me, I feel strongly about being independent. Being independent to me is both a goal & a dream. Right now I don't dream about finding prince charming, having children & a big house. No, right now I dream of being able to provide for myself, be independent, my own woman. I don't want to feel like I have to be part of a massive crowd to be a part of something. I can be myself & still be part of something, still have a part to play in life.

Now I look back, I haven't ever really actually had any dreams. Well not that I can remember anyway. But I do know that now my dream is to become independent, become my own woman. I don't want somebody to dictate what I do or how I do something. Part of this has actually come from past experiences of knowing that people really don't stick around forever. Don't get me wrong I do think people will stick in peoples lives forever, it all just depends on the person & probably the situation. I know I haven't stuck around in peoples lives forever, that is just the way life goes. We all do have those people in our lives who we can count on though. I don't think that being independent means you forget these people at all. Everybody has their own independence, some people have their independence taken away from them for awhile. With the help & constant support from loved ones I think we can all regain our independence.

 I'm going to focus on supporting myself because what better feeling is there than knowing you can do something by yourself? Knowing that even if you get knocked down, you can get back up on your own two feet & start fighting again. Don't get me wrong all the support in the world can be given but it is all down to ourselves. Nobody can change our lives & our future but ourselves.

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Life really is a fight, nobody comes out alive. But that doesn't mean we should just roll over or curl up in a ball & let the toughness of life decide how we spend our lives. I don't want to spend my life in fear, but can I control that fear in a quick decision of you know what....I'm not going to be scared anymore, I'm not going to live in fear. No, I can't change it overnight. It is a long process & so is becoming independent.

Being independent can be at completely different levels. It all needs to be worked towards realistically too, I won't just wake up tomorrow & be like you know what I think I'm going to rent my own flat, buy a car.. I won't think like that because I know full well that is not realistic for me at all, I don't have a fulltime job so how would I provide for myself? I really wouldn't.. I would struggle. So my current independent goal is to be able to manage going out on my own more, instead of going with someone.

A lot of people my age are probably living away from home, providing for themselves....are they struggling? who knows. I'm not going to compare myself to others anymore because the whole point of being independent is also being your own person, unique.... so I don't need to compare myself to others. No two peoples lives are on the same track, every single persons life is going at a different speed. We have obstacles thrown in our way for us to fight through & battle them.

I'd like to think a good few of you reading this can connect to this. I know there is a lot of you fighting some kind of battle, whether it be a physical battle &/or a mental battle, a battle with your own mind. I really want you all to know it doesn't matter what speed you live your life at all, what matters is that we all come out the other end stronger than ever. I really want you all to remember, whatever battle you are fighter....

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What does independence mean to you?
Let me know in the comments below.
If you felt a connection to this post let me know too.

Thanks so much for reading.
- Anna ♥

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