Hey, let's talk about....preparing for my driving theory test

This let's talk is definitely more of a let us talk about..
So I really would love it if you would get involved & comment below.
I need your help, I'm not quite begging on my knees for your help...I'm not at that stage at the minute, everything is hunky dory right now.

Basically if you've been following my driving journey you will know that recently my driving instructor has mentioned practicing mock driving tests. First thing first though before actually doing my practical test, I need to pass my theory test.
I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one to struggle with keeping focused on learning, especially after leaving school. Obviously once your in school your so used to revising it's just like breathing to you. But since I left school five years ago (well that made me feel pretty old..) I haven't really had to study, not even really for my NVQ because it was just spread out for so long & mainly kind of just coursework related work. So I'm going to be honest with you, I'm struggling & I'm in need of your help...please tell me you are willing to help me. I will be really grateful.
I thought I'd just go ahead, ask you some questions & hopefully get some responses.
How do you manage to stay focused?
Do you feel the time of day affects how you revise?
(that sounds a kind of stupid question)
How often do you revise for at a time?
What do you think is your best revision method?
Turns out I don't really have that many questions to ask but I'd really love your help. If you have absolutely any advice for preparing for my theory test & keeping focused, I will be extremely grateful.

I'd love to hear your feedback.

Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. Hey :) good luck for it when you do it! I did mine when I was 19 and I passed first time with 50/50. My tips and tricks would be do not book it until you are 99% sure you can pass it.

    I downloaded three theory apps with a quiz and once I was quite into revision I wouldn't go to sleep I til I'd got 100% on the apps. If I got less I would re do it.
    I got the large thick boom y have on the picture and did a section a night/week. I covered the answers up with paper and read the question and answered it. If I got it right. I moved on. If I got it wrong i wrote it on my paper. Once I had finished the section I went back to the ones I did wrong and I didn't move on to a new section until I got them all correct.

    I also watched alot of YouTube videos on it and did loads of hazard perception and multiple choice questions tests online!

    Good luck :) xx

    1. thank you :) congratulations on passing first time 50 out of 50..impressive! :D
      I have already booked it, for like over a months time so I have plenty of time to prepare :) I do have an app on my ipad & CDs for my laptop :)
      I'm sure I will get there, hadn't thought about youtube videos but I will give them a look in to :)
      thank you for commenting & sharing your tips :) xxx