Hey, let's talk about....the pressure of being perfect

Since I really like to have an image on my posts this week I couldn't find a suitable one so instead I just created a little image on picmonkey. I was thinking of keeping it as kind of basic image for the weeks when I can't find an image....
the pressure of being perfect, do you feel it too?
A lot more recently I have felt the need to be 'perfect'....
I'm sure you know the kind, the two I've been feeling recently are appearance & performance pressure.
Appearance pressure - The pressure to look a certain way, maybe like a celebrity. I think though we all forget that the celebrities we see are just ordinary people like you & me. They will have flaws because you know why, they are only human. I think sometimes people completely forget that, even though it is a pretty obvious fact. They might even feel the exact same pressure some of us do to look a certain way.
 One of the main pressures I feel is to have a 'perfect smile', you know the kind....pearly white straight teeth to go with it too. But I actually doubt that anyone feels they have the 'perfect smile'. Even though we may look & sigh in hope that one day we could have their smile, we don't know how they feel about it. Probably they don't class or feel it is perfect. But you know what, it isn't really the end of the world if I don't have the perfect smile & the same goes for you. Are we still able to smile? Yes, well I know I am. Is that what matters? Yes, if I have something to smile about at the end of the day I'm happy about that & the 'perfect' smile isn't on my mind. It has been out done by the other things in my life that are more important.
Performance pressure - This kind of pressure feels massive right now, the kind which you have to perform a certain way..live your life a certain way. But you know what by adding that extra pressure I'm just making it harder for myself. I knock myself down because I can't do certain things. I can't work full time, which I should be able to do at the age of twenty one. You know what though sometimes life throws things in your way which make it difficult to live a certain way or the way we want. I've learnt now that knocking myself down doesn't actually get me anywhere. But instead of knocking myself down now,  I now let go of that pressure & focus on the things that I can manage to do. Even if it is just working for my parents a couple of hours a day, three times a week...You can't get to the top of a mountain without a few trips & falls. 
The whole point of this post was because I've recently realised that nothing in life is perfect. That sounds really harsh but unfortunately guys, it is reality. Don't get me wrong you can get close to perfect I'm sure. But the point is each person on this planet will have a different idea or meaning of perfect, there isn't one set example.
Do you feel the similar pressure I do?
Have you discovered to let go of the pressure too?
What is your idea or meaning of perfect?
Let me know in the comments below,
I love hearing from you guys.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. I don't mind my appearance, I don't hate it and I don't like it! The only thing I wish I'd have, would be to have better skin...acne... pain in the butt! I'm getting better with gaining my confidence, I push myself now to do things that make me feel awkward and uneasy. Like when I go to work, I dread going because I'm afraid of making a mistake, but at the end of the night I feel better, during the work shift I even smile a little. I meet some lovely people that help me relax a little :)
    All of the mistakes I make, and the bad stuff that happens to me, will only help improve my confidence.
    I really do enjoy reading your blogs Anna, at times I feel so... "That's how I feel... I should have done a post on that!" :)
    Love Michaela xxx

    1. so your kind of in the middle as such, sat on the fence :)
      that is brilliant, life is about pushing ourselves isn't it :) keep on going! :D you are completely right, they will improve your confidence :) awww thanks Michaela :) that means a lot xxx