My Driving Journey - Lesson 33 & 34

Really, 34 lessons gone by already?!
Where does the time seriously go! (okay then granny Anna, you can be quiet now).
I can't believe how much I've learnt & to be honest with you I feel like my confidence has grown during this time too. Win, win if you ask me.
Tuesday 15h October
So today we drove to the next village & I got to practice a reverse round a corner, this went pretty well. Since the next village has a lot of speed bumps I never really fully know what speed is best to aim for since regardless some of them just throw you. After this we headed to the other side of town & I got to practice a 3 point turn & both times I made it round in 3, I love it when that happens. I did accidentally hit the kerb once when reversing but I suppose atleast you know when you've gone too far back & I'm pretty sure I'm not the first person to bump into a kerb & I know for sure I won't be the last. After this it was time to head back home & one more manoeuvre was ready to be practiced...a parallel park, I do quite enjoy these but just like everything else it won't go great every time. It did actually go pretty well though today.
Thursday 17th October
Ooooh, today was the day of a dum dum dum....mock test! I obviously have never done one of these & I wasn't really too sure how it would go. Sharon went by explaining exactly how the test would work & obviously that each examiner is different, grading wise. Some will be really strict & others might let things pass as a one off, then the next time it happens it will be a minor. I managed to get 9 minors, which I suppose is okay since she did a mixture of how the examiners would be. I don't really feel like it was one of my best driving lessons to be fair. A few things did go wrong but we have to make mistakes to learn from them. I did find it funny how we was quiet in the car because obviously some examiners will want silence. Well can I just say I do not deal well with silent situation. I found myself giggling a little bit & if you was in our car you would think we had had a fall out. We are usually non stop chattering from the minute I get in the car to the minute I pull up at home. How on earth am I going to cope on the actual test?
So there is a run down of my lessons this week (well technically last week). 
It still feels weird actually adding questions to the end of these posts because I didn't start my blog to gain readers, I just started as a way to express myself & get out whatever was driving me crazy in my head. But I am so grateful for the people who read my waffle & hopefully enjoy it. I really enjoy communicating with you so let's get down to the questions, shall we?..
How many lessons/hours did you have until you passed?
Which manoeuvre did you find easy peasy?
& which manoeuvre did you find to be a tough cookie?
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. I didn't have many cos I was practising in my dads car, plus I was nervous in lessons cos I used to have panic attacks. (Over sharing?) I was a pro at 3 point turns I was asked on my test to do one. I can't reverse around a corner to save my life! I wished I could do my test again when you finally passed its the best feeling!

    1. Not over sharing at all, I seriously feel your pain..panic attacks are awful..haha, brilliant! :) I think I'm with you on that one... if they ask me to do a reverse around a corner I will be like nooooo :( please no...I can do a 3 point turn if you like :) hehe! I can imagine xx