a few little blog related updates..

I thought I would create a little post & let you know of the changes that have been happening around here....

Image found on weheartit.. I hate uploading posts without an image so this little one speaks for itself.
a name change
Firstly I have changed my name of my blog, well I changed it a few weeks ago actually from awaywiththefairies321.blogspot.co.uk (some of my pictures still have this URL on them, I don't know how to remove them now) to awholelotofchittychat.blogspot.co.uk, I do feel a lot better about this decision to switch names. I didn't feel the name suited really so there we have it....a name change & along with a new name change comes....
a new design
I've gone for a more simple design, quite literally because the design is actually called simple (I think).. I really did love the old design so much but I just felt like it was just soooo much colour going on so back to basics. Obviously a brand new header too, it had to match the new blog name.

a twitter account
I have now changed my twitter account to awholelotof_ (just click on the name & you will head straight there). So feel free to give me a follow & you'll keep up to date. Of course only if you want to, I won't be forcing nobody. I started blogging for myself so I will quite happily still blog away if nobody is reading.

bloglovin' & a google follower gadget
I've updated the little bloglovin' gadget so it is linked to this blog now, since I did a name change. I've also added a little gadget along the side where you can follow my blog via your google account too.

Thanks for reading & supporting me too.
- Anna ♥

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