My Driving Journey - Lesson 41 & 42

I feel like a broken record saying this repeatedly but I genuinely can't believe how far I have come. Yeah, I've had my doubts but who doesn't ay? I've started to just accept the doubts now a little instead of letting them control me. Just let them be there, not fighting them..that might only make them stronger.
I'll get cracking with the rundown of my lessons this week then. I hadn't had a lesson since obviously the one I blogged about before because my instructor was ill so it had been like over a week since my last one. I'd just like to put it out there that it was hard to get back in the car.
Thursday 21st November
This mornings lesson was really difficult to just get on with at the start. At the start when we was sat in the car before setting off Sharon was discussing with me about my mums car (I had mentioned we was considering insuring me on her car so I could practice more) & a sudden strong sick feeling came over me. Usually that would end with me saying I've got to get out & go back home but not today, I thought to myself 'no, I'm going to get on with this lesson' & I did..Anna 1 - 0 Anxiety! So I managed to get on with my lesson, we headed towards my local town. On our way there we took a detour & went on to an estate where I got to practice doing a 3 point turn. Basically I managed it in 5, cars were waiting each side so I felt all eyes were on actual fact, they probably wasn't. After this one we headed to the other side of town & I got to practice another 3 point turn...I managed it in 3, high five anyone? I get excited when I do it correct & I actually go yayyy...Sharon must think I'm slightly crackers! Next thing I got to practice a couple of times was parallel park, I'm starting to debate if this is my least favourite manoeuvre. Finally we ended the lesson in the car park where I had my first ever lesson & got to practice parking. They both went fairly well to say I couldn't really see the markings very well because of wet leaves everywhere!
Friday 22nd November
There isn't actually an awful lot to say about todays lesson but knowing me I'm sure it'll turn into a longggg paragraph. So we headed over to the next town where the test centre is, sometimes the test route can be out of town so I got to drive to a village out of town. I literally only had time to drive, no time to stop for manoeuvres. I have now booked two ninety minute lessons for a couple of weeks so I can have lots of time to go over & practice out of town. Not too sure how I feel about ninety minute lessons yet, I'm sure they will fly just as fast. I learnt one fault I have been making today too, when I'm on a roundabout I check my mirrors, signal & then don't move straight away..I'm a little bit delayed. But atleast now I know that is what I'm doing wrong, I can only improve.
Righty oh, so that is my update for this week..well my update from last week, you know what I mean.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

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