Hey, let's talk about....CHRISTMASSSSSSS!

ok, maybe not just yet but I couldn't resist.
Is it too early to be thinking about Christmas?
 Let alone be writing a post about Christmas..
Everyone will have their own opinion on the subject. What is yours?
Christmas Day will be upon us in 42 days, well according to my Norton search anyway. All the shops are now filled with Christmas decorations, cards, wrapping paper, presents & food. I've even heard a few Christmas songs playing too.
I absolutely love Christmas, just the whole feel of it. Anybody else still wake up super early? I certainly do, 21 or not..I will be up early excited to open presents & spend the day with my family. I love when it snows, the snow just makes everything so much more beautiful. It's a really good time of year to spend with your family & friends playing board games. The cold weather & dark nights are great excuses to get straight in to your comfy jim jams or onesie, super early & get curled up & not move for the majority of the day. The Christmas songs being played, the movies all being played on tv too.
But one thing I have noticed recently in shops is, Christmas decorations are no longer traditional. Anybody else noticed this? Maybe you like it, I really don't. Christmas should be your greens, reds & golds.
Wilkinsons is the only store I have been in & seen Christmas decorations & actually taken any notice. They have got a woodland creatures section, I mean really...since when do you have an owl on top of the tree? In my opinion its either a fairy or a star. They also have like a glitzy section, I mean really...since when have black feathered wreathes been Christmassy?
What are your opinions on Christmas?
& the new updated decorations?
Let me know, I'd love to hear from you.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. I LOVE Christmas, it's 100% my fave time of the year. This post has made me even more excited!!

    Lucy :) xx


    1. me too! :) ooohhh I'm glad! :D xx