My Driving Journey - Lesson 38 & 39

Tuesday 5th November
Today I learnt that driving really does keep the mind busy. I had my second interview today straight after my driving lesson, I know full well if I didn't have my driving lesson I would be a real mess with nerves. Luckily the driving lesson completely distracted me. During my lesson I got to practice a parallel park, a reverse round a corner, a 3 point turn & finished off by bay parking.
Thursday 7th November
So today we ended up driving across to the next town & got to practice different types of junctions, traffic lights & roundabouts. Just really practicing different road situations too. I found out today that at the beginning of the week a lady who suffers with her nerves past her test first time, yayyy! I really love a happy story & it just proves that people suffering with various things can achieve things!
Oooohhh & I also have some exciting news too!
This is why I'm posting this late, today I had my theory test & ready for it....
first time, woo hoo!!!!
Genuinely can't believe it but I'm so proud of myself.
I really love being able to share my journey with you, my friends.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. well it's official... you're ready for your driving test! Well done!!!!!! :-)

    1. how super exciting! :D thank you Christina! :) xxx

  2. Oh congratulations on passing! Planning your first road trip now?
    Well done you
    M x
    Life Outside London

    1. thank you Michelle :)
      I've only passed the first part & I'm still to get a car :( that day will come! :) xx