Sit Down Sunday - 3rd November 2013

Firstly I just want to actually give credit to Lisette Loves for the idea, I really like & enjoy reading her Thankful Thursday posts. So it is safe to say she inspired me to create this feature, thank you lovely! Go ahead & check out her blog too.
Secondly I'd like to recommend Rachael's new feature called Lots Of Lovely Little Things.. I absolutely love Rachael's blog over at A Mad Hatter's Tea Party, please do check out her blog.. I'm sure you wont be disappointed.

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Let's get started, shall we?

- going to a bonfire display & getting in as a child
- receiving a surprise card in the post
- my helpful friend Joe for getting Luke Britnell to follow me on twitter
- building friendships with a few of the blogging girls
- cosy tights

Well that's a pretty short & sweet list but it is all I can think of for this week.
Not every week will be a massive list.

What are you grateful for this week?
What have you enjoyed?

Be sure to leave me a comment & let me know.
I love hearing from you.

Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. Lovely things to be thankful for, Anna. Lucky you for getting into the fireworks display as a child. It's always good to be able to save a bit of money for looking young! Haha. This week I'm most grateful for my family and the fact that my nephew was born as healthy as can be. Of course, I'm also grateful for the lovely, understanding girls that blogging has brought my way :)

    Debi x

    1. It really is & always gives me a boost hehe :) congratulations by the way! :) an auntie for the 2nd time round? :) I love the connection us blogging girls have :) xx