Sit Down Sunday - 10th November 2013

Hello there,
it's that time of week again. It's SUNDAYYYYY!
I hope you've all had a good week
& if not, I hope next week will be a better week for you..
If you are new here you might not know what Sit Down Sunday is but click here & you'll find out all about it. I've just realised this feature was introduced a month ago now. WOW, that month has flown by.

This photo pretty much speaks for itself, it really is the little things. When I received this text I couldn't help but smile, so thank you Joe you little sweetie.
Other things that have made my week are..
- being part of such a supportive community
- last nights x factor, brilliant!
- positive feedback
- Christmas shopping
- bubble baths
- cosy nights in
- hollyoaks
- chunky knit hats to hide bad hair days
- being surrounded by understanding people
- driving theory cds
What has made your week this week?
Let me know in the comments.
I love hearing from you.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

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