Sit Down Sunday - 24th November 2013

Good afternoon you lovely bunch!
It's that time of week again, Sunday is upon us.
The weekend is almost officially over but nevermind that, how about we focus on our week. How it has taken place & what have been the highlights..
Isn't Mr Pudding such a handsome dog
- dog walks in the woods
- being possibly given another chance
- a quality street tub appearing in our house
- receiving cards in the post
- doodling away
- Michael Buble Christmas
- having a much needed phone call with Ally
- chatting with some of the lovely bloggers
What have been the highlights of your week?
If your week hasn't been a very good one, I hope next week is better.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥
p.s. I couldn't decide between the two photos & just had to share this one too.
oh hey there little guy

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