I keep thinking to myself how far I've come recently & it always manages to make me smile. When I'm having a really poopy day I remember it is just that & better days are coming. Some of the things I've achieved are so big to me but will be so little to others. That doesn't mean they aren't achievements or any less important. I'm sure we are all guilty of comparing ourselves to others, what if we just stopped doing that & actually recognised our achievements & how far we have come over the past week, past month, past year. Will you join me?
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Since I now feel friendships building with some of you lovely people, I really would love you to get involved with me & recognise your achievements. I'd love for you to share them with me too. Maybe you'll leave a comment below, maybe you'll send me a tweet, maybe you'll send me an email or maybe you'll even create your own little blog post about it..whatever you do, please share them with me. Instead of comparing ourselves to others or each other we can all celebrate our own achievements together.
I'll get started with listing mine then..
- learning to drive -
I genuinely can't believe I'm actually managing to do this, at the start of the year if you had asked me if I was going to learn I'd be like no, not really bothered. I wasn't lying either but now I am so glad that I am learning, it really is such a great achievement & I really do enjoy it. Even when I have a bad lesson I just brush it off & do my best the next lesson.
- attending two interviews -
This achievement is really recent, as in the past two months. A job vacancy came up & it sounded like my ideal job so of course I had to apply for it. I managed to get an interview the very same day, how amazing is that? Then a few weeks later I got a second one, I'd been one of their top three. Both of them were pretty informal but still the word interview is enough to make some of us nervous.
- speaking openly to a stranger about my anxiety -
Relating back to the job interviews, I thought you know what, anxiety plays such a big part in my life right now so I'm just going to be honest with them. I was completely honest with them, they were absolutely lovely & understanding. It clearly didn't scare them since I got a second interview. Unfortunately I didn't get the job, I lost out to a lady with more experience. I'm not going to let it get me down though because the man who interviewed me called to let me know & said there is nothing negative to come out of this at all, other than I haven't got this job. He said they really liked me as a person, so anxiety in tow...I must be a nice person.
- managing to be out of the house -
Some will read this & be like, big me yes it is. Sometimes you can get so absorbed in your comfort zone that you don't want to leave it. That used to happen to me an awful lot, especially when I was looking after my mum after her operation. But now I push myself a lot more, like today I have managed to help my parents out at their shop all day. Usually my mind tells me, no you can't need to go! That is usually within 10 minutes of being somewhere too. But for the past week now I have managed & questioned the thought in my head.
So they are my recentish achievements, now it's your turn.
Of course only if you want to share, I'm not going to gang up on you or anything.
If you do want to share them with me, please get in touch with me & tell me all about them.
Achievements are such a good thing to share around & knowing other people are also achieving things, big & small makes me all smiley.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. Lovely post as usual lovely! I've read this twice now and am struggling to think of anything I've achieved, it's such an awesome idea but it feels unusual to make a look at me kind of statement. You're right people are too hard on themselves. Well done for everything I love your little updates and you've done fantastically lately.


    1. thank you Rachael :) awww bless you, don't feel like you have to get involved :) I only did the updates because of how well I feel I have done so thought I would share them with you guys :) xxx

  2. Lovely post Anna! And amazing achievements. Congratulations on getting the interviews and managing to sit through them!

    My achievement today, so far, is that I'm well enough to get showered and dressed! Hooray!

    1. :) thank you other Anna!
      hoorayyy! :) big smiles all around then I hope! xxx