different person,different journey....

 We are all guilty of comparing our own lives to others. I'd love to know if someone actually doesn't, well maybe they used to but have changed their way or realised it doesn't get you anywhere. I think we all forget though that nobody has a situation that is the same as someone elses. I hate when people make remarks about people when they don't actually know their situation at all.
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I do think a lot of people don't think before they make the remarks they make, maybe they do it out of anger. I'm not too sure but I thought I'd just list a few random remarks that I've heard that annoy me. They aren't actually direct word for word remarks but I'm sure you will get the idea.

'we can't all go to our parents for money'
...no we can't all go to our parents for money but really should those of us who have parents that do help out feel guilty about it? No, I don't think they should at all. Everybodys family situation is different.
'why don't you just get a job'
well 1) it isn't as easy as just getting a job, you don't pop to the shop to get a job like you would a pint of milk or a paper. 2) the employer might not want you as an employee, sometimes it happens & there is nothing you can do about it. 3) somebody might have more experience or qualifications than you, nothing can be done about that either. 4) the employer might not feel they connect to you as a person. 5) there might not be any jobs even available. 6) the person you're saying the remark to might not be able to currently handle it.
'just get on with it'
I know a lot of people who experience mental health difficulties will probably have heard this remark, is it really as simple as just getting on with it? I don't think so. But the person making the remark wont know that at all, unless they themselves experience it. Would you tell someone with a broken leg to just get on with it & go skiing? No, I highly doubt you would.  
Ok, so I'm just going to leave it at those 3 remarks. Those are the main ones that are currently winding me up really. The whole point of this post was to just let people know that whatever their situation, it is ok. If it isn't great then hopefully it will get easier & improve. You shouldn't be made to feel little at all by people making remarks about your situation when they have no clue what your situation is. So maybe before you make a remark to someone think before you speak. Take a second & just think how the remark will affect the person you are talking to.
Well that's a relief to get that all off my chest, exactly what my blog is all about. I shall waffle away as much as I want. Hopefully some of you will have enjoyed it & related to it too. Whatever your situation remember it is a journey that will make you stronger & be worth it.
How do you feel about these remarks?
Have you heard any remarks that drive you potty?
Please let me know, I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. I agree with all of these remarks, even with me having a job, it is still difficult to have money. I get irritated when people comment saying, well you have a job and no rent to worry about, true, but there are other things that i have to pay for! People really need to stop and just think to themselves what exactly they're going to say. Words should be taken with serious caution.

    sorry bout this long comment Anna, but i feel as though your like Jeremy Kyle :) You love a good chat and you welcome everybodys opinions which makes you a very likeable person.
    Chat ya later Hun :) xx

    1. I love how you always put a lot of thought into your lengthy comments Michaela :) It's really lovely to chat with you so thank you :)
      I can see why that would annoy you too :)
      We should all focus more on ourselves than other people really :) xxxx