have you copped a feel?

How often do you hear the word cancer & think 'oh god'. How many people do you hear of that have died from cancer? One thing you don't really hear about are the people who are still living each day, surviving & showing cancer who is boss! Alot of people out there are doing just that, showing it who is boss & kicking ass whilst doing it!

A little message to you
If you yourself or a loved one have kicked cancers ass, I want to say congrats! If you or a loved one are still fighting & kicking its ass, keep on fighting, believe in yourself, you can do it!

This post is just about one kind of cancer, breast cancer....

Have you been coppin' a feel?
Do you often coppafeel?
Do you know what is normal for your boobs?

CoppaFeel is all about making sure we know, check & love our boobs!

I've known about CoppaFeel for over a year now I'd say & I thought I'd dedicate a post to the wonderful charity. CoppaFeel is a charity aimed at young girls from aged 18 - 30 years old, to educate us all about our boobs. 'Knowing your boobs could save your life'. CoppaFeel is UK based & was founded by Kris, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 23! Did she take it lying down & let it beat her, no she came back fighting with a kick ass attitude & created CoppaFeel. MASSIVE round of applause to Kris! What an absolute inspiration! 

I'd really love to be able to support & help CoppaFeel as a charity, but right now I'm not really in a great place..anxiety is a beep! It certainly wouldn't allow me to travel to the events, which are a fair distance from me. But in the future I'd absolutely love to be able to help support such a fantastic charity so right now I will do what I can do at a distance. So I decided I'd do a blog post introducing them to you all. So you can get to know your boobie friends. I've bought both a tshirt & a jumper to spread the word a little bit more & support them too. I thought I'd take some photos to show you my top cos we all love a post with pictures in..am I right?

CoppaFeel have also created waterproof stickers for inside your shower. What a great idea! We have one in our shower, why don't you get one in yours?

CoppaFeel have their own website, why not find out more about them by clicking here.
Maybe you could even get involved, educate yourself more & support such a inspiring charity.

After typing this post out I feel like cancer is abit of a touchy subject, but it really shouldn't be should it? So many people out there are battling the illness.

I'm so relieved to have the approval from both Kris & Maren, both from CoppaFeel such lovely girls. Thank you very much! Let's get spreading the word & educating people :)

Thanks for taking your time to read this post.
If you're feeling extra nice today, feel free to share this post with your friends & family. Let's spread the word together & raise awareness.
- Anna ♥


  1. An absolutely fantastic post Anna about such an important subject. We're all guilty of burying out heads a little about cancer, it's terrifying, but forewarned is forearmed i.e. if you know yourself and you check yourself regularly you can catch it early andkick it's ass.
    Thanks for posting, I'm off to buy those shower stickers for every single woman I know...and maybe some that I don't!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. thank you very much Michelle :) thank you very much also for the conversation earlier too :)
      We do very much bury our heads :( it shouldn't be like that!
      You are more than welcome :) they are free...well they were, tell everyone to get themselves one :) xxxx

  2. Well done Anna for raising awareness of something that is so often not spoken about. It is so important that you get to know your own body so that you can act quickly when you notice any change. Cancer is scary but if you know your body well it may be easier to spot it at an earlier stage and get the treatment you need.

    Debi x

    1. thank you Debi :) that is exactly what I thought! you're right, get to know your body & you will know what is right & what is wrong!

  3. I've known about Coppafeel for several years now after finding them online whilst searching as I found a lump in my breast in 2009,thankfully it was nothing serious but you just never know.They're a fabulous charity and deserve more awareness :)

    1. that is great news that it was nothing serious but like you said you never know..if in doubt, get it checked out is the case :)

  4. Great post Anna, and being brave yourself to share- nobody likes to talk about cancer. I will have to check the site and have a read. I know very little, I know you have experience through family so it's fab you are sharing this post. Mucho love

    1. thank you Christina! :) I know & that should change, you'd be amazed the amount of people who are affected. I'm pleased you're wanting to check out their website, exactly what the point of this post was for :) It is one of those things, if you haven't experienced it, you won't get it :)
      much love back! <3 xxxx