trying my hand at something new....

Ohhh how ironic, I'm trying my hand at something new & that something is actually on my hands..have you figured it out yet? 

I'm giving you all a little nail post (more than likely will turn into a great big longggg waffle, we all love a waffley post, no?), well I suppose you could call it a nail tutorial. Can I just add I've never done one of these before. It might be my first & it might be my last. :)

I love doing my nails, admittedly I do occasionally do them really nice & then end up smudging one flippin nail & get really annoyed, I mean who doesn't though? It is pretty frustrating..

Right I'm going to give this a go & hope for the best, my nail look has an inspiration behind them..all will be revealed at the end. No peeking you! :)

Step 1. Get all your gear together, you could say I have all the gear but no idea! (my mum rudely giggled & agreed with this when she checked through the post, shes my proof reader sometimes) :) So to create this look you will need your basics, both your base coat to protect your nails & your top coat to protect your finished nails. For this look I decided I was going to blend/ombre two colours together, those two being a pink & a blue. So since we are mixing/ombreing (even a word) two colours you will need a cosmetic sponge, I use wedged shaped ones. Oh & a form of entertainment, your choice. I choose my ipod, makes waiting times just that bit more bearable. One thing I missed out the photo that you will need is nail varnish remover & cotton buds.

The two colours I've used to create this look are both Barry M. Pink is called Strawberry Ice Cream & the blue one is called Blue Moon. Right so now we've covered everything we need let's get started.

Step 2. Prep your nails..shape them, file them, neaten them all up. A little tip for you all that I recently discovered in my new nail art book (Nail Candy by Donne & Ginny Geer, thank you Ally) I didn't know this before but you should always file one way (from the side of your nail to the middle). Apparently going back & forth can risk you having an uneven shape or could even cause damage to your nails. So once you've prepped, we are now ready to get adding our base colour.

 Step 3. I'd recommend using the blue coat first, I did use the pink & it didn't work out as great as planned. It's all about trial & error, just like most things in life. So add one or two thin layers of blue to get a decent coverage & wait for that to dry, ipod is the best idea to make you wait & not move..meaning your nails wont smudge.

Step 4. Once you're happy with the base colour its time to get the sponge out. You need to paint your two colours next to each other like the picture above. Make sure you put plenty of polish on for an even stronger colour.

Step 5. Next thing to do is dab, dab, dab away. I wanted the pink at the top so I made sure I was dabbing the right end on to the top half of my nail. You might want to wait for it to dry & dab, dab, dab again if it isn't a strong enough colour for you. But wait until it is fully dried to find out. Yes, as you can tell it can be slightly messy, atleast you know you've covered it right? This is when the cotton buds come in handy, put your cotton buds into the nail varnish remover & go all around the outside to neat up the look.

Step 6. Once you've neatened up your look then protect your look with a thin layer of your top coat nail varnish. Tip: I went round my nails again with a cotton bud covered in nail varnish remover to just neaten it up. Now ta da!

The look is complete!

They you have it, my little tutorial to create bubble gum bottle inspired nails. In 6 simple steps, they are pretty simple. Just take your time, be patient & always make sure your nails are dry before you move to the next step. :)

I actually quite enjoyed that, let me know what you think in the comments below. Be honest, I value your opinion ladies :) I'm assuming it'll be the ladies who have stayed for the duration of this post.

Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. They look brilliant! Clever you.
    I do admire those with time and inclination to do their nails...I'm not one of them but yours look fab.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. thank you Michelle :)
      I'm not usually..if I'm listening to my ipod or watching tv i'm fine..otherwise I might aswell not bother :) xxx

  2. I'm the same with my nails, I do them perfectly then smudge one nail! Love the effect you've done!!
    Daniella x

  3. Anna these are gorgeous! I've got loads of wee Poundland beauty sponges that I don't use so I'm totally going to give this a go!

    Alana | Alana Gets Healthy

    1. thank you very much Alana :) glad you like them! Let me know how they turn out wont you? :) xxxx

  4. I love how they turned out! pretty colours :) I've tried this before but it didn't work out. I think I need more patience with letting them to dry first before I do anything else :P xx

    1. thank you Sinead :) aaahhh, maybe that is where you are going wrong? :P watch some youtube videos & you'll be just fine :) let me know if you give them another go? :) xxxx

  5. They look great Anna. I've never done the whole ombre nail thing but I think I might give it a try now.

    Debi x

    1. thanks Debi :) let me know how you get on with it? :) I'd love to see the completed look! xxxx