My Driving Journey - Lesson 55

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It's Monday here on my little blog, otherwise known as a whole lot of chitty chat & oh you certainly get a whole lot of chitty chat or waffle, we'll call it chatty chat..sounds much nicer right? :)

Monday is here & it is time for another update on my driving lessons. I only had one this week & we had planned to do one lesson next week of two hours driving to a further place but yesterday I decided to see if I could alter that one so I could practice another mock test & manoeuvres because it actually sunk in that I'm like weeks...ooohh, or maybe a week away from my test..can't tell you the exact date now can I. But trust me, once I've passed I will be shouting it from the roof!

Tuesday 21st January 2014
Now I'm obviously getting closer & closer to my test these posts are getting shorter & shorter by the week. I don't really have an awful lot at all to share with you about this lesson other than we covered a junction that I've struggled on each time I've attempted it. Only been towards it twice though, but I got to practice again & Sharon talked me through it so I know & understand it a lot better. I do feel I did it a lot better & I'm a lot more confident with the junction now. Here is the junction....
I've been jotting down my driving lessons every week in a notebook & this photo is taken from the notebook. Always good to write things down to remember them & if I'm struggling I can always look back.
Are you learning to drive?
How are you getting on?
Have you enjoyed following my journey, which will soon hopefully come to an end.
Let me know in the comments.
Thanks for reading.
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