Sit Down Sunday - 5th January 2014

Ooohhhh, 2014 & is upon us..Admittedly I did just write 2013 in the post title, opppsiee! If I haven't said it to you already happy new year to you! Also if you are new here, welcome to a whole lot of chitty chat. Get yourself comfy with a drink of your choice & relax. Feel free to get involved in the comments on all posts, I love hearing from allsorts of different people. Don't be a stranger, feel free to come back again :)

I'll get on with the post now, what has been good about this week. Yes, it might also be known to you I've felt like I'm going back downhill but we aren't focusing on that in this post..We are focusing on the positive things about this week.


photo taken from my own instagram

- creating my own mugs (see above & at the end) like Miss Jojangles did here
- receiving an early birthday parcel, thanks Ally :)
- spending time with family
- acting out the "I've been expecting you" scene
with my god mums dog on my lap
- blogging community & the lovely girls that come with it
- Miranda box set, enough said
- Miranda Harts maracattack, oh my! Might even do a separate blog post on this
- receiving the photos I ordered, my frames will no longer have the piece of paper with the size of photo it will fit in

photo taken from my own instagram

Soooo, as you can tell I was slightly impressed..okay, massively impressed with the lovely Miss JoJangles tutorial. I decided to get a different shaped mug (this one is the one that Miss JoJangles used, I think..if not Wilkinsons have a few similar) & I thought I'd customize it to be a funny little thing but also a memory. So that is why I've added my blog url & when the blog was born too.

Have you already done a project similar?
Let me know in the comments & be sure to tell me what has been good about your week too.

Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥


  1. Your mugs are so cute :) I'm definitely grateful to have had all the family time I've had this week. Really don't want the other half to go back to work tomorrow.

    Debi x

    1. why thank you, I can't take all the credit..miss jojangles was the reason behind it :)
      that is definitely something to be grateful about, gotta love family time! :)
      & I bet, it'll seem weird xx

  2. So so nice to focus on the positives and yay for the mug, that is fabulous!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. without a doubt yes :)
      the mugs are so funny but so cute too, every blogger should have one :) xx

  3. That mug is so cute! great post!