I'm only human, no robots here..


Okay, so now you've been warned let's carry on shall we?

Recently, as in the past couple of days maybe..feels like weeks, really isn't. I feel like I'm starting to sound like Miranda (I totally haven't watched too much of it..hehe, laughing is good for us yes?) I've felt like I'm going downhill, going downhill isn't a good thing surely? I'm a strong believer of talking it out, if you talk it out & get it off your chest it is more than likely going to make you feel so much better about the situation. So since I turn to my blog to write how I'm feeling, here goes....

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I think, actually no I know why I feel the why I do.. It's because of the festive period, yes damn you Christmas & New Years....I'm kidding, but that is why I'm feeling like I am. All routines go out the flipping window, goodbye actually having a routine..hello messed up sleeping pattern & messed up days spent doing nothing but lounging about. Anyone else feel like this? Surely I can't be alone..can I?

The end of the year before Christmas made me feel like I was doing soooo well with managing my anxiety, attempting to get into a routine. But now I just feel so much like I'm slipping downhill fast & I don't like it..not one bit! I don't have a permanent job I can call my own. Yes, I help my parents out at their shop (I am soooo grateful) but I really want more independence & a job to call my own, that I worked for & gained on my own...not only giving me independence but hopefully that would boost my confidence too. But part of me is like how on earth will I cope with that? & another part of me has no clue what so ever what I actually want to do. I really need to be able to earn a living, not just exist. I need to be able to pay for stuff myself, nothing in life comes free at all. I feel so hopeless right now....oh, aren't I a cheery one today... 3rd day in to a new year & I'm like one happy bunny, no, no I'm really not...sarcasm is not cool.

I just thought I'd write this because like I said my blog is somewhere for me to express myself & it'll just prove to you all I'm not some kind of upbeat positive robot, I'm only human...we all are. We all have emotions & feelings, don't hold them back & suffer in silence. Speak out how you are feeling. It will lift such a weight of your shoulders, no promises there obviously but I'd hope it would for you.

Always remember....

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Yes, admittedly we can have many bad days in a row but it isn't a bad life. Always try & look for the positive things in life, the little things in life can mean so much & can boost your mood just that little bit. After feeling so mehhh today I decided to take myself off out, I managed to walk to my godmums to drop off a few cards & one of my books she wanted to read..whilst there I got to spend time with my family & her super cute dog who quite happily sat on my lap...I actually sat on one of her chairs that spun around & did the whole I've been expecting you....pretty sure it's from Austin Powers, could be wrong. Don't hold me to it :)

If you decided to read this, thank you to you my friend.
I hope you are all having a good day & you know what,
if you aren't that's okay too.
- Anna ♥


  1. Sorry you've had a crappy one :o(
    Hopefully getting it off your chest and onto a computer helped and yep, tomorrow's a whole other day!
    M x

    1. thanks Michelle :) it usually does & surprisingly today I don't feel as bad...hip hip hip hooray! :) xxxx

  2. I know exactly how you feel as I've felt it before although these last couple of weeks I've felt oddly optimistic. Don't get too down about everything. I'm a big believer that things happen for a reason and that everything will work out. I'm sure that things will pick up :)

    Debi x

    1. I'm glad to hear that in a way Debi, obviously nobody feels anything alone which is a relief. I'm very glad you've felt good about things :) xxxx

  3. Christmas has a similar impact on me. It can make me feel quite lonely, inadequate. I hate the anti-climax of Christmas too. I focus on small goals instead!

  4. Chin up lovely! I know this feeling well and it does get better! (Cliche alert!!) I've had that unorganised feeling over the festive period and I'm finally back to the little blogging world and yours is the first blog I'm catching up on :D xxx

    1. thank you Kerry :) phewwww! :) yes as cliched as it is, it is still very true :) woohooo! thank you, means alot :) xxxx

  5. Hi Anna. Don't be too hard on yourself and just try to take each day as it comes, I usually get overwhelmed if I think far too ahead xx