My Driving Journey - Lesson 52 & 53

Monday is upon us, the start of the week..back to manic reality? I'd usually sit & type up my driving post on a Monday but I'm going to try & be organised, ok, ok..I just want to have a go at scheduling a post! :)'s the simple things ay :)

So here is how my lessons went this week....

Tuesday 7th January
About half an hour/forty minutes before my lesson I got a text off Sharon to say that she had a hire car & it would be great experience for me to be able to prove to myself that I can drive different kinds of cars. Hers is a diesel, the hire one is a petrol with a much smaller engine & it didn't handle the road as well.

* A little story for you here about me learning to drive in the past, I never had actually lessons until last year. I had been out with my mum in her car. I wasn't a huge fan of the car & neither was mum, she now has a different one. Dad had said we were going to keep the car so I could have it, I didn't really want the car at all. So I said I didn't want to even learn to drive, so we sold the car. The car was a Corsa.... *

So what car did Sharon pull up outside my house've got it, a Corsa. The Corsa is not a patch on Sharons mini, at all. The main point is though that I managed the lesson in the car, even though it wasn't as easy to handle & obviously a completely different car. My lesson today was a 90 minute one & a mock test. I did manage to stall the car a few times..not good but I did manage to recover & set back off safely so all was good there. It doesn't matter if you stall, it's all about controlling it & how you deal with it. I managed to get 4 minors though, how great is that?!

My 4 minors were nothing major, funnily enough..otherwise they would of been majors right? Anyway I'm pretty sure my first minor was because I didn't give an oncoming car their right of way because I felt the gap & the width of the road was wide enough for us both to get through, but the oncoming driver might not of agreed. My second minor was because I didn't signal & move across quick enough coming up to a roundabout. My third minor was when I signalled coming up to a roundabout & I questioned about a junction on the other side of the road but I didn't act on my thought & cancel the signal. My final minor was because I didn't signal to overtake a bike.

Other than the completely different car I felt the test went really well & I was really pleased with myself. :)

Thursday 9th January
Woooohoooo! A manoeuvres kind of lesson..I really enjoy these, is that slightly sad? Oh nevermind :) My lesson today was still in the Corsa until Sharon gets her car back (someone has crashed her car, that is why she currently has a hire car). But obviously again another lesson in a different car than I'm used to is just added experience, which is a bonus of course! I first got to practice a reverse around a corner & I managed to complete it just before a bus arrived. Then I got to practice a 3 point turn, I did have to correct myself because I had turned to straighten up a little bit too early. Afterwards we headed to a car park to practice bay parking, I must of practiced on about 6 different spaces. I feel like my bay parking went really well, along with most of my manoeuvres. Did I stall during this lesson? Yes, only a few times.... Did I stall at the traffic lights? Of course I did, at the most convenient place to stall right.


Well then that is my lesson run down. I wonder if any of you are actually still reading this :P haha...well if not I have it for my own little reference too :)

So if you are still reading, thank you. Leave me a comment maybe? :)
- Anna ♥


  1. Wow, Anna. I can't believe just how far you've come with your driving lessons. I'm still contemplating at least giving driving with the other half a go sometime this year although I'm pretty petrified to do so. I don't have the money for lessons yet either so I kind of feel justified in putting off learning.

    Debi x

    1. me neither if I'm honest with you Debi :)
      give it a go, you might love it :)

  2. Well done on the parking! And I STILL feel a bit weird driving another car, I inevitably stall a few times before I get to grips with it and I've been driving for *whisper it* 11 years. Sounds like a good driving week for you lovely :o)
    M x Life Outside London

    1. thank you :) hehe...ohh bless you Michelle :) that can be our little secret haha xx