Sit Down Sunday - 19th January 2014

Hello you :)

thanks for popping by, I hope you're all having a lovely weekend..a little break from work & school. I'd love it if you got involved in the comments & let me know what has been good about your week...what you've enjoyed, what has made you smile, what has made you laugh, what has made your week!

My list for this week, I mean we all love a good list right? (Michelle, I'm especially looking at list lover!) Since Michelle loves a good list, I'll whack her at the top of this list....

Image taken from Bloglovin'

- being included in Michelle's 'Best Of Blogosphere'
- positive responses from my posts this week
- Finlays imagination, always makes dog walks more adventurous..especially when yesterday we had to avoid the little people in the grass..we were giants & had to listen for them screaming, he is so funny but I wouldn't want to change his imagination!
- early morning fresh air, when the air takes your breath away
- an early birthday present from mum (I picked it), a scarf that feels & looks like a throw, seriously cosy!
- receiving postcards/letters/parcels in the post

Little notes like this make me smile, lovely receiving post

That's my list for this week, please join in & share what has been good about your week in the comments below. I really do love hearing from you.

Thanks for reading.
- Anna ♥

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