Acceptance is hard..

One night last week I got tucked up in bed with a book & a peppermint tea.
I thought to myself I need to get my head around my two new best anxiety & panic. They are not only my best friends but are also my shadows. Every corner I turn they are always there, whether it be right behind me or in the distance. I feel that by accepting what you are going through something is definitely one of the main steps to start recovery.
Unfortunately acceptance is really hard though, it's not as simple as being like "right I'm going to beat this today".
It's an ongoing battle really.You need to keep reminding yourself that & be ready for set backs too. Let's be honest ignoring the situation or blocking it out won't help at all & will just make it worse in the long run.
I have connected with a few people online due to mental health related issues & I thought what a good idea to get them involved in this post.
 So I got on to them straight away to do a little message/ photo of what acceptance means to them..

Thank you very much for your help girls, I really appreciate it!
- Anna ♥

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